Chanderi- A Quaint Town You Can Comfortably Explore On Foot


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Places to See in Chanderi

The quaint little town Chanderi located in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh is extremely popular for its very beautiful and elegant Chanderi Sarees but there is much more to explore here than just taking home these elegant pieces. No doubt the center of attraction remains Chanderi sarees but there are also several tranquil monuments and points of interest which you can explore during your trip to Chanderi. Here's a quick look at the must-visit spots;


Chanderi Fort

The fort of Chanderi has a commanding presence and it can be reached by a pathway that once crisscrossed through three massive gates. All of the town's significant landmarks can be seen from this vantage point like Badal Mahal Gate, Jama Masjid, Shri Chaubisi Jain Mandir, and Raja Rani Mahal, among others. The view of the sunrise and sunset from the fort ramparts are also beautiful.  


Badal Mahal Gate

One of the popular tourist spots in Chanderi is Badal Mahal Gate. It is believed that the gate was meant to serve as the 'Welcome gate' for the dignitaries and the gate derived its name as Badal Mahal gate mainly because its turrets are so high that they seem to touch the sky. Today, the gate is set in well-manicured lawns and set against the striking backdrop of Chanderi fort in the backdrop. Do visit and witness the beauty of this gate which is skillfully carved and adds charm to the beauty of this town.


Jama Masjid

Chanderi's exquisite three-domed Jama Masjid stands as a reminder of the town's marvelous architectural heritage. Just outside the inner Kot walls, it is barely a few hundred meters from Badal Mahal Gate. On entering the fenced compound of the mosque, to the left is the Wazu Khana or the washing area. To the right is another stone structure which earlier served as a rest house. The main entrance of Jama Masjid displays the most exquisite carvings. It is adorned with intricate geometrical and floral motifs and bands.


Shri Jageshwari Temple

The main idol in the temple, that of the goddess Jageshwari Dei, is believed to be a Swayambhu, one that manifests itself. According to a legend, Raj Kirti Pal broke part of his promise to the goddess, by opening the gate of the temple door before the time stipulated by her and hence only her face emerged.


Parmeshwar Tal and Lakshman Temple

It is believed that Kirti Pal, the founder of the town was said to have been cursed of disease after washing himself in the waters of Tal. Today this Tal is an enclosed tank with Lakshman temple standing majestically on the end. The temple that is painted entirely in white looks enchanting as it is reflected in the waters of the Tal.


Come explore this quaint town on foot and you will fall in love with every bit of it.