Panna- Things to do in and around Beyond a Tiger Safari



Place to visit in Panna

Panna the erstwhile capital of Bundela kingdom is famous for the Panna National Park. Among the major attractions that Panna is famous for is a jungle safari but did you know that this destination is also home to some architectural beauties and ancient marvels? There is also plenty to explore around Panna and your trip to this destination would be filled with amazing experiences. The add on to your vacation here would be some adventure activities that you can indulge in. 


If you are an adventure junkie at heart, Panna also offers amazing campsites where you can simply put up a tent, find yourself surrounded with a peaceful environment and get going with friends to enjoy a bonfire night. Read on to know which all points of interest you can add in your bucket list when on a trip to Panna.


Prannath Ji Temple 

Mahamati Prannath temple is an important pilgrim spot here. According to the ancient beliefs Mahamati Prannathji lived at this site for a long period of time and took Samadhi inside one of the domes in the temple.


Baldeoji Temple

The Baldeoji temple in Panna attracts tourists for its splendid architectural style. The Gothic feel of the temple is the center of attraction amongst tourists. Be mesmerized by its splendid architecture and soak in divinity while you also enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


Camping Activities

Don't forget to indulge in some adventure activities when on a trip to Panna. There are amazing campsites here that offer a splendid camping experience in the buffer zone of Panna National Park. Owing to its strategic location, Panna is surrounded by diverse landscapes which makes it an ideal base for camping. Pump up your adventurous soul and you will be in for a treat to go trekking, bird watching or even enjoy a musical night around a bonfire. Indulge in these activities with Bear Valley camp and enjoy the time of your life in the wilderness of Panna National Park.


 Pandav Falls

Located at a distance of approx 34 km from Khajuraho, the Pandav Falls is a serene waterfall. Surrounded by lush green forest, the falls is a must see spot during your trip to Panna.  The serenity, purity and mystic atmosphere of the Pandav Falls attract tourists. At the foot of falls there are some ancient caves overlooking a large pool of water. The Pandavas are believed to have spent a part of their exile here.


Ken Gharial Sanctuary

It is a wildlife sanctuary located near Panna National Park and Khajuraho. Here you can spot Gharials in their natural abode. Come with your cameras ready as the guide helps you to spot Gharials basking in the sun or simply enjoying it's time in the water. Though this wildlife sanctuary is best known for the population of Gharials, there are also a wide variety of other animals like Sambar, Nilgai, Langur and more. Enjoy your time in the wild and click these species while they are busy in their own activities!