Museum of Natural Wooden Sculptures - Preserving the Art of Nature


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Small efforts give you little motivation and little motivation can further take you to achieve greater heights. Well that's been the case with Munnalal Vishwakarma who never knew that his ability to imagine just a normal looking piece of wood into a certain specific form could help him come up with a museum. Though Vishwakarma never attended school but all that he had with him was an eye, keen observational skills to see ordinary wooden pieces into animal forms, birds, reptiles, God etc.

Munnalal Vishwakarma is a skilled artist from Vidisha whose collection of wooden sculptures are completely natural, untouched by any tool, or not even polished. Vishwakarma has set up an art gallery 'Museum of natural wooden sculptures' on Sanchi road that includes more than 500 natural wooden sculptures. One can see natural wooden sculptures like birds, reptiles, Gods and other various human shapes which have been attracting tourists for their natural shapes and sizes.

How it all began

Spent his childhood in the rural background, Munnalal has been close enough to nature and has roamed around in villages and jungles. Way back in 1988, when young Munnalal Vishwakarma was roaming around in a jungle, he spotted a piece of wood that resembled a Banyan tree. Then it was no looking back for Munnalal and he decided to keep hunting for such natural art forms.

A journey not so easy

"Prior to 2006 I was rendering my services as a laborer but after I met with an accident, my body did not respond well. I used to work as a laborer and also hunt for such wooden pieces simultaneously but now I devote my time adding these natual sculptures to the museum." shared Munnalal Vishwakarma.

He further adds,"Since childhood I started collecting these natural wooden pieces but people around used to tease me as they did not understand what I wanted to showcase. However criticism never stopped me rather it motivated me to go on." He added.

He made it big- accolades to his credit

were paid off well when Munnalal Vishwakarma marked his place in Limca Book of world records and India Book of records. "This collection of mine in the museum is only the result of my journey to various parts of Madhya Pradesh. In the interiors of the villages, in the jungles there is lot more to explore and see. What I see in these natural wooden pieces is what I have been preserving all my life. My only aim is that the generations should understand what nature has to offer us and that these natural forms should be preserved." shared Munnalal.

Munnalal's efforts in the direction of preserving these natural art forms certainly inspires us to respect nature.