Top 5 Monsoon Street Foods to Relish in Madhya Pradesh


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Monsoon Street Foods of Madhya Pradesh

A dose of natural heritage, a tinge of a culture mix and a plate full of appetising delicacies, that's Madhya Pradesh for you! The state offers everything that will satisfy a traveller's or foodie's desires. With a good number of extremely yummy foods available, one can relish them best during monsoon. Sharing some simple yet mouth-watering street food items that you can enjoy to the fullest while travelling to Madhya Pradesh during the rains.

Bhutta (roasted corncob)

The best way to enjoy monsoon is to go on a long drive, enjoy the lush landscapes and eat freshly roasted bhuttas from the roadside shops. The aroma wafting through the stove will surely let you enjoy the weather more. Don't forget to sprinkle some chat masala (spiced powder) and lemon juice to make it yummier. While enjoying every bite of it, do take out a minute to appreciate the shopkeeper for using the bhutta peel as a plate, which is quite an eco-friendly way to serve the bhuttas. There is no specific shop to indulge in this nutritious food, thus you can easily find it in every nook & corner of Madhya Pradesh.

Chai (tea) & Mangode (lentil fritters)

Chai mangode is the ideal combination to savour during the drizzle and what better than eating it at the popular Raju Tea Stall in Bhopal! The experience of witnessing live cooking of mangodas and the fragrance of chai will brim you with happiness. You will always see the place thronged by foodies standing in small groups, waiting for their orders.Indore also has some mind-blowing spots like"Sahabki famous chai" to indulge in their special masala &adrak(ginger) chai and "Restrachai" to sip the rich flavours of elaichi(cardamom) in the form of tea made with thick milk.

Seek Kebab (cooked meat dish)

Just like any other royal city, culinary of Bhopal is well specialised in non-vegetarian cuisines, and seek kebab is one of the popular amongst all. It is a staple of non-vegetarians and greatly relished during the monsoon and winter season. The rich flavour of minced meat wrapped around a skewer, cooked on coals, draws many foodies especially when it pours. The Food chains like Filfora, Tabbakh, Khan Sahab and other street counters in old city market of Bhopal are the best spots to get hold of most succulent kebabs in central India.

Samosa (a triangle shaped fried dish with savoury filling)

Super flavorous and super delicious!! Samosa is a one heavenly snack which brings out the foodie in you.The mystic weather of monsoon is the best possible time to savour this spiced snack with the tangy sauce. Gone are the days, when foodies only had the option of potato samosas, now you can choose from a wider range. From baked to pasta, chilly paneer to keema (meat) samosas, you just name the ingredient and the counter might have your favourite one! So, don't give a second thought just drool on some hot and delectable samosas. Few of the best places to try them are "Mama ke samose" and "Sharma chaat" for veg samosa in old city while Keema samosas can be enjoyed best at Budhwara area in Bhopal.

Kachori (a deep fried snack stuffed with lentils & spices) with Bedai (thin potato gravy)

Talking about kachori, we cannot skip mentioning the mouth-watering kachoris from S.S. Kachoriwala, in Naya Bazaar, Gwalior. Walk up to the shop and must wait for a fresh lot to be fried, make sure you eat it hot to enjoy it completely! The kachoris and samosas here, are usually served in leaf cones with watery aloo sabzi called 'bedai' poured over with some sweet and green chutney (sauce). This is quite a unique combo to try!

So, just roll up your sleeves and book your tickets to explore the natural beauty and scrumptious food of Madhya Pradesh during the tranquil season of monsoon.