Mango Recipes That You Can Easily Make At Home




The king of fruits Mango is here and this summer special fruit is loved by all. While you may not be able to step out to feast on Mango ice cream, Mango Kulfi, Mango falooda etc, you can still enjoy all of these by preparing at home. You can actually afford to go creative with mango since this fruit allows you to try out some fuss free recipes with it. 

So, make the most out of Mangoes this season at home and impress your taste buds with this key ingredient in it. Read on:

Mango Shake: 

Prep time - 5 mins

An ideal refreshing summer drink is Mango shake. Just take Mango cubes, sugar, milk, ice cubes (optional) and you can also add some dry fruits if you like, mix it well and your Mango shake is ready. Taste the goodness of Mango with every sip of this yummy drink. You will be either sorted with your breakfast or you can simply satisfy the sudden hunger pangs during evenings. 


1. In a blender put mango cubes

2. Then add 1 tbsp sugar 

3. Blend smooth adding half cup chilled milk 

4. Serve the shake by topping it with dry fruits or ice cream scoop

Mango kulfi:

Prep time- 15 mins

How about trying the traditional kulfi with a twist of mango? Sounds indulgent. Isn't it? Kulfis are the most delicious and chilled desserts to satisfy your cravings for a sweet tooth. Now try Mango Kulfi at home by using easy ingredients like Mango pulp/ cubes, milk, saffron, sugar and condensed milk. You can also serve it with Mango chunks to accentuate the experience. 


1. Take 3/4th cup Mango cubes, half cup milk, half cup cream, condensed milk (milkmaid), cardamom powder half tsp and blend smooth. 

2. Pour the prepared mixture into Kulfi mould or glass 

3. Garnish with saffron strands and chopped pistachios. 

4. Cover with aluminium foil and keep it to freeze for 8 hours. 

5. Serve Mango kulfi chilled. 

Mango chutney:

Prep Time- 15 mins

Chutneys are an all-time favorite accompaniment in every Indian meal. It certainly adds its own refreshing flavor to any food that it is paired with. That is something you get to experience with sweet and sour Mango chutney made with slightly ripe Mangoes, spices, ginger, sugar, chilli powder, jaggery & salt. Fresh, vibrant and absolutely mouthwatering, you are going to love this preparation. 


1. Heat oil in a pan and then add the spices like cumin, fennel, mustard & fenugreek seeds.

2. Now add half inch ginger and fry for few seconds 

3. Now add Mango pulp/puree or cubes 

4. Add red chilli powder to taste 

5. Simmer for at least a minute and then add jaggery and pinch of salt 

6. Stir and cook for 2-3 minutes. Don't over cook as the mixture becomes thick losing its taste. 

Mango Falooda

Prep Time- 25 min

A quick and easy recipe to prepare with mangoes is Falooda. Made with mango puree, milk, falooda noodles, rose syrup (or any other flavor as per your choice), Basil seeds, ice cream and some nuts, this dessert is a must try during summers. In just a matter of minutes you can prepare this dessert which is mouthwatering and nutritious with loads of healthy ingredients. 


1. In a tall glass add 2tbsp of soaked Basil seeds

2. Then add boiled Falooda noodles and set with the help of a spoon. 

3. Now add 2tbsp chopped Mango pieces and add 1 tbsp rose syrup to give it a flavour. 

4. Now add 1/4th cup Mango pulp and then add 3 tbsp thickened milk 

5. Now garnish with chopped dry fruits. 

Mango Shrikhand:

Prep time- 12 hours

Cook time- 5 min

With ingredients like hung curd, mango pulp, powdered sugar, saffron milk, cardamom powder, chopped almonds, pistachios and fresh mango pieces for garnishing, Mango Shrikhand is a lip smacking dessert to relish during summers. Just whip us this Mango delight at home and not just make your stomach happy but your loved ones too! 


1. Take a bowl and put the hung curd which was kept overnight and whisk it smooth. Don't whisk it much as it will lose the texture.

2. Add 1 cup mango pulp, half cup powdered sugar & half tablespoon cardamom powder

3. Now add saffron milk. To prepare saffron milk, soak a few saffron strands in 2tbsp of warm milk. 

4. Mix well and make sure the sugar gets properly dissolved.

5. Now add chopped almonds and pistachios. 

6. Mix gently and transfer to the serving bowl. 

Try these mouthwatering mango recipes at home and you will enjoy every bit of the fruit in these different forms.