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Madhya Pradesh Responsible Tourism

Empowering Communities through Responsible Tourism in the Heart of India

The heart of Incredible India with its zealous approach toward the satisfaction of its tourists has always set a benchmark in the tourism industry. An amalgamation of heritage, leisure lifestyle, spiritual dwelling, incessant wildlife, and natural treasures, Madhya Pradesh is a one-spot destination for every globetrotter.

The gem of Incredible India, while being entitled to offering countless ways to satisfy the explorer in you, is also setting up milestones in empowering the community and becoming a responsible state. With an array of activities held to protect the heritage and culture, Madhya Pradesh promotes responsible tourism, enables socio-economic development in the state, and generates awareness towards environmental protection. 

To extend these ties across the globe, the Tourism Department of Madhya Pradesh has also signed MoU with the Kerala government and ICRT (International Centre for Responsible Tourism), London. 

What is a Responsible Tourism Initiative?

Responsible tourism is all about 'making better places for people to live and better places for people to visit'. By working with the community in and around the tourist cities, Madhya Pradesh ensures the benefits of locals while making the tourists aware of their heritage, culture, and customs. 

This policy not only helps in acquiring new opportunities in the field of tourism but also helps in employment generation and skill enhancement of local people in the field of tourism. It also includes travelers as an active part of the community.

Meaningful connections with the visited communities, respecting their environment and local customs, reversing the negative effects of travel, and contributing towards empowering the communities are some of the perks of responsible tourism. 

Responsible Tourism Mission in Madhya Pradesh 

With the vision of minimizing the negative economic, environmental, and social impacts, Madhya Pradesh focuses on increased participation of local communities in tourism, increased job opportunities through homestays and guide training programs, promotion of local art and crafts, conservation of ecologically sensitive areas, awareness among tourist community, travelers contribution to the livelihood of locals, and reducing carbon footprint. 

The focus and precision in this stream have allowed Madhya Pradesh to successfully attain the economic, social, environmental, and management objectives. Some of the major projects led by Madhya Pradesh Tourism to attain community development include several responsible tourism projects.


Based on the lines of, 'Atithi Devo Bhava', visitors of Heart of India can experience true Indian culture and hospitality through homestays. With a change in tourism patterns, visitors are inclined towards exploring homestays while visiting India.

This also enables property owners to introduce tourists to the rich culture, cuisine, customs, and lifestyle of the heart of Incredible India. Being located in or around the city, the tourists are allowed to explore the destinations with utmost ease. Visitors are also invited on an evening walk by the homeowners and the recreational and adventurous activities work as the cherry on top.

Rural Tourism

Enriched with cultural and natural resources, the rural areas of Madhya Pradesh are a great opportunity to introduce the serenity of Madhya Pradesh to its visitors. It also delivers a sense of responsibility among the community members and tourists to preserve the local culture and heritage. 

Madhya Pradesh is majorly divided into six major cultural experience regions viz. Baghelkhand, Bundelkhand, Chambal, Malwa, Nimad, and Mahakaushal as per the geographical features. Through rural excursion, the 'culture-based' experience of a rural lifestyle, simple living with pollution-free clean air and greenery in rural areas can be enjoyed by the tourists. 

Responsible Souvenir Project

The heart of incredible India is enriched with exquisite art spread over a wide stretch with different cultural zones of the state having its own specific art and craft, folk songs, dance, and cuisine. 

Madhya Pradesh Tourism has introduced several souvenir projects that focus on diversifying the local economy through handicraft development and supporting the local artisans, particularly involving women and youth of the community. 

The prime objectives of the project include developing and promoting local handicrafts and handloom, promoting destinations through souvenir development, and market links, improving the income of artisans, and diversification of projects through skill training of artisans. 

Safe Tourism Destination for Women in Madhya Pradesh

The project has been initiated to awaken the community about women's safety. It is the first tourist project sanctioned by the ministry of women and child development, GOI under the Nirbhaya Scheme. 

This project functions towards creating awareness about women's safety in the communities. Intending to inspire the community and travelers, Madhya Pradesh has introduced several projects such as self-defense training, working women at tourist places to host, and the development of a women-friendly spatial design.

Women using segway to commute in Khajuraho, women tour guides in Gwalior & Khajuraho, forest guides in Madhai, and women from Pardhi communities in Panna leading the excursions, highlights the success of Madhya Pradesh. 

Solid Liquid Waste Management Project

Madhya Pradesh Tourism is committed to the development of tourism and promotes private partnerships for the development of tourism in the state. With the project "Clean Destination", Madhya Pradesh ensures to keep the environment of destinations suitable with the support of the local community and the visitors.

The pilot project was started at Panna National park where 30 villages were covered around Madla gate of Panna National park. 


Project Humsafar

To make the tours and visits of specially abled ones a bit easier, the project Humsafar was brought into action. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has also conducted training for capacity building and sensitization programs for the manpower working at tourism destinations. 

Madhya Pradesh is a state with stringent laws to conserve natural heritage and life-sustaining systems for development. Local communities are aware of the importance of livelihood for Madhya Pradesh, protect their environment, and indulge aggressively in responsible activities. 

To get a purview of the efforts of government and local communities, do visit the heart of incredible India.