Madhav National Park - Take a Trip into an Unbeatable Wildlife Experience!


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Madhav National Park in Madhya Pradesh

Viewing wildlife in its natural habitat is no doubt a rewarding experience in Madhya Pradesh. To cherish this experience, visit Madhav National Park which is an eclectic mix of wildlife and natural lush green surroundings.

Madhav National Park comes with pristine beauty and is surrounded by verdant backgrounds from all the sides. Thus, the park that is situated in Shivpuri District of Gwalior division is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.


Wildlife Watch

Blessed with cleanliness in the air, this park boasts some of the most exquisite species like the little Chinkara, Nilgai, Sambar, Chausingha and deer species such as Chital, Sambhar and barking deer. These animals are easily spotted during a circuitous safari tour in the forest. Other species include the golden jackal and wild boar. Sighting a leopard or a wolf will also make for a memorable trip for the wildlife enthusiasts. 


Flora and Fauna

The varied landscape of forested hills and flat grasslands makes this park a unique place to spot a rich variety of avian species, mammals, and other wild animals. Some of the prominent flora of this park includes Dhawda, Palash, Khair, Kerdhai, and Salai.


The Shooting Box

Another interesting landmark inside the park is 'Shooting Box' built on the banks of Sakhya Sagar. The spot is essentially used as a vantage point to witness the birds and animals. Crocodiles are also found in good numbers and easily spotted from the deck on Sakhya sagar. Specially during winters crocodiles can be spotted in abundance.     


Home to Migratory Birds

Madhav National Park is an unusual terrain of hills, dry, mixed forests, grasslands, and lakes which makes it a perfect destination for sighting a variety of wildlife. The Sakhya and Madhav Sagar Lake, located in the center of the forest, support a rich variety of migratory birds including geese, pochard, pintail, teal, mallard, and gadwall. These lakes are the great nesting ground for birds and marsh crocodiles, that can be spotted here in abundance