Khajuraho Dance Festival- The celebration of dance, art, and culture


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The centuries-old temples of the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage site Khajuraho catch everyone's attention for their exquisite architecture. However, the month of February comes as a chance for the tourists to see the temples all decked up and give way to the graceful event that is Khajuraho Dance Festival. 

This mega festival is a spirited celebration of classical dance forms, art, and culture wherein renowned exponents of Indian classical and folk dances are performed throughout the week. Apart from the graceful dance performances, there are also other highlights that can be enjoyed simultaneously. 

Activities and events like art exhibitions, panel discussions, interactive sessions, adventure sports, village tours and much more will keep you entertained throughout. The choice is yours to opt from a wide range of multidimensional activities. 


Time- Every Day 4 pm onwards 

Nepathya is the cultural showcase and voyage of Indian dance styles. It is an exceptional thematic presentation of Indian art form highlighting the traditional costumes, artifacts, and culture of a different state each year. There is also an exhibition based on the regional costumes, jewelry, and headgear. Nepathya is one segment that gives a holistic format to this international event. 

Art Mart

Time- Every day 4 pm onwards

If you are someone who adores art then art mart is the segment you should explore during this fest. The objective of art mart is to promote Indian contemporary art form. The art mart incorporates all streams of art- be it visual, performing, craft, and other traditional art forms. The entire venue turns into a kaleidoscope of innumerable visuals and experiences. 

Kalavarta- The art dialogue

Time- Every day 10.30 am 

It is a platform where dancers, painters, art critics, intellectuals from dance and visual arts interact with the audience. It is a very creative and interactive dialogue session that gives space for serious discussion over Indian art and art forms. Come, grab this opportunity to listen and interact with the experts.  

Hunar- A rendezvous with sculptures 

Time- Everyday 2 pm onwards

This segment showcases the artistic talents in the form of pottery, jewelry, and other mediums. Do witness how clay is shaped into a beautiful sculpture or a simple fabric turning into a kaleidoscope of colors. This segment will allow you to take a sneak peek into how various artworks turn into beautiful masterpieces and the efforts that go into making these.  

The Chalchitra section- A cinematic tribute to art traditions and creators 

Time- Every day 4 pm 

This includes the screening of movies, documentaries, along experimental cinema of famous artists so as to help the viewers understand the dynamics of arts, music, literature, vocals, dance instrumental music, and various art forms. 

Swaad- Tantalise your taste buds with the amazing flavors of Bundeli food 

Time- Every Day 4 pm 

A treat for the food lovers, Swaad is the segment where you can indulge in mouth-watering Bundeli recipes. Enjoy the widespread dishes and treat yourself to a tempting menu. Let your taste buds indulge in some amazing flavors and feel the goodness of Bundeli food. 

Plan a trip to this picturesque destination in Madhya Pradesh and be a part of the Khajuraho Dance Festival where all these multi-dimensional segments are waiting for you to explore.