Jal Mahotsav



Hanumantiya Jal Mahotsav | Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Of late Hanuwantiya has become a sought after destination which has redefined the idea of a holiday. Set in a pristine surrounding and  against the spectacular   back drop of Indira Sagar dam is a perfect getaway. A village interestingly with its walls artistically painted  in the vicinity adds charm to this place The largest man made reservoir in India and the second largest in  Asia, It is here where the Jal Mahotsav (a water carnival) takes place and will be entering the 3rd edition this year.

The Jal Mahotsav is a medley of different and exciting activities. A tourist experiences 2 different  rhythms of life  during the festival, You wake up to a perfect sunrise sitting snug in your well- appointed tents with your morning cuppa. The day is all about the adrenaline rush. At one point you are up in the air paramotoring, hot air balloning or parasailing  giving an amazing  aerial view of the place giving you an elevated feeling. At another point  you are struggling hard with the water zorbing ball to keep it rolling like Jackie Chan in one of his movies. Speed boats, cruise boats, banana rides, tug of war et al. Houseboats are synonymous with Kerala, But  at Hanuwantiya you can enjoy the same. Want a bit more of adventure, go for  island camping and stay put in the night with your rucksack and sleep in a tent that just fits your length. As the sunsets, the tourist is  transcended to a different mental and emotional zone with  the melody of folk, classical and pop  music and  dance.  Those interested in astronomy can do star gazing and those who are not can also just for that awesome experience. How  can an Indian  festival be complete without food and shopping. A well laid out  food court serves you a gamut of dishes from the  street food to the traditional and ethnic which you can savour, The crafts bazar is all about the gifted hands that have churned out  beautiful  pieces of handicraft which are sure to adorn your drawing room corner.  

Leave the pollution and traffic snarls of the cities and come to Hanuwantiya and treasure every moment you spend with your family and friends and take home memories that you are sure to cherish for a long time. The place is for both the thrill and chill seekers in equal measure.