Indore- A heaven for Iftar-special delicacies



Iftar Secial Delicacies-Indore, Madhya Pradesh

When it comes to the richness of cultural ingredients, none can beat Indore. An epicure's dream, Indore is a destination full of gastronomic experiences. While Badwali Chowki and Azad Nagar are known for their crispy farsans (munchies), Bambai Bazar and Khajrana are known for their biryani servings. 


And what can be better than devouring the delicacies during the holy month of Ramadan. The month of fasting is known for its elaborate Iftar spreads. From succulent kebabs to mouth-watering haleems, every nook and corner of Indore smells heavenly! Here we present a full-course Iftar menu right from the heart of India, Indore. 


Snacks: Plate full of munchies at Badwali Chowki and Azad Nagar


An array of makeshift night stalls can be seen at Badwali Chowki and Azad Nagar, all set to serve some warm samosa and bhajiyas. If you are here, do not miss out on the mutton samosas (mutton wrapped in a savoury pastry), which are very quintessential to the Ramadan Iftar. Moong bhajiyas (green gram fritters), methi bhajiyas (fenugreek fritters) and mirchi pakodas (chilli fritters) are worth your pocket. Try these savoury snacks with a cup of namak chaay. 


For the hardcore non-vegetarian in you, devour some irresistible mutton tikkis and keema samosas. Stalls at Azad Nagar and Khajrana can be seen packed with foodies for these tikkis and samosas. One can get them packed and enjoy at one's own den or can eat it then and there. 


Main Course: Gorge on Biryani and Haleem at Khajrana and Azad Nagar


If you are done with the snacks, then let us move on to the main course of the section. Iftar and biryani are inseparable. It is a must-have during the fasting-feasting season. The stalls at Bambai Bazar, Khajrana, Naya Pura and Badwali Chowki serve authentic biryani. Once you are in these areas, your taste buds will thank you. 


At the same time, you cannot ignore the ever-inviting Haleem. Haleem is an Iftar favourite recipe at almost every household, however, Khajrana and Azad Nagar do not cease to do justice to your taste buds by serving authentic Haleem, a textured dish made from pulses, wheat, peas, and chunks of meat. Buy yourself the deadly combination of sheermal and haleem. Relish it hot. 


Desert: Treat yourself with Meetha Samosa and Aam Paak at RaniPura, Khajrana and Bambai Bazar


Indore is famous for Kaju Katli, but the horizon for sweets in this city does not remain confined to the same. The sights of warm succulent gulab jamuns are hard to resist. Rice pudding or chawal ki kheer lends a very homely taste. And if you are in Indore then you cannot miss the caramel dipped meetha samosas and the quintessential aam paak. An assortment of cookies sold during this time is surely going to satiate your sweet tooth. This Ramadan, serve yourself and your folks a kingly Iftar spread in Indore.