Maheshwar- A Temple Town you must Explore


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Tourist places to visit in Maheshwar

A beautiful town in Khargone district, Maheshwar has a vibe of its own. Home to ancient pilgrimages, a historical fort and a traditional weavers settlement, this temple town has an eclectic and multi- dimensional character. Include Maheshwar in your bucket list and go on to explore it's amazing points of interest to take up memorable experiences. You will fall in love with not just the popular Maheshwari Sarees but you will also fall in love with the varied experiences that this temple town boasts of. Read on to know what Maheshwar has in store for you...


Among the most significant of Ahilya Bai's buildings in Maheshwar is Rajwada or the royal residence. Inside the palace is the throne room with Rajgaddi on which the sari clad life size statue of Devi Ahilyabai Holkar is placed. It was this place from where Devi Ahilyabai used to dispense justice.  During her reign Maheshwar became important on the political and commercial front. The Ahilya fort on the other hand, is turned into a heritage hotel offering stunning views of the river Narmada. A double storeyed gateway, directly opposite the main entrance to the Rajwada, leads to a flight of steps that brings one closer to the Narmada ghat. It is from this gateway that one can see the panoramic views from the ghats. On waking up early in the morning, one can take a long walk on the river bank, witness the sunrise and the activities that are a part of the locals here. They take a dip in the holy river Narmada and the boat man can be seen taking the tourists for a boat ride across the Narmada ghat.

Rehwa society- Sustaining the hand weaving tradition of Maheshwar

The world famous Maheshwari Sarees top the wish list of shopaholics when they travel to Maheshwar. The Rehwa society  has kept intact the mission of the centuries old weaving tradition of Maheshwari Sarees. Other than shopping for these masterpieces in the Rehwa society, you can also take a look at the efforts that go under making these brilliant pieces. The weavers at the loom can be seen working on Maheshwari Sarees and it is indeed a good opportunity to learn from the weavers themselves as to how they are preserving this age old tradition of weaving. 

Thali @Ahilya Fort 

A full thali meal at Ahilya Fort is highly recommended when you are on a trip to Maheshwar. However, prior intimation (a day before your visit) is needed to the staff in case you have to relish the thali. The meal, with traditional Malwan dishes, is extensive and yummy and served in style in a silver thali. Enjoy the meals with panoramic views of the Narmada Ghat. 

Labboo's Cafe Lodge

With indoor and outdoor seating in a leafy courtyard, this is a good spot to relax. The ever smiling staff is happy to host you with some mouth watering snacks like peanut chaat, french fries and you can enjoy the view around while sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee. There is also a small library in the premises. If you are an avid book reader, you can scroll through the little collection of books in this library, pick one and enjoy your reading session in the quiet corner while munching the snacks.  

Baneshwar Temple

This temple situated in the middle of the ghat is approachable via a boat. It is believed to be located on the earth's axis and houses a shivling. Seek the blessings of lord Shiva and after visiting the temple head back across the river to enjoy the vast expanse of the ghats via a boat ride. You can also get some snacks packed to munch on during your boat ride. 

Evening aarti @Narmada Ghat

Experience the beauty of this evening ritual on the Narmada ghats. As the chants begin the atmosphere gets filled with positivity. The sound of ringing bells comes in chorus and the entire ambiance feels divine. The aarti is highly recommended and you can experience it for yourself.