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The very first thought that comes to our mind when we speak of Chanderi is intricately designed Chanderi saree. No doubt, this beautiful weave has won millions of hearts across but the town offers much more than just its famous weave. It is also home to many beautiful, historical and architectural gems. So, let's take a look as to what more Chanderi has in its kitty to offers its tourists. Read on....

Chanderi Fort

This fort bears the imprint of the different dynasties who ruled it. Starting your trip from this point of interest will give you a fair idea of the topography of the town as the view from this hilltop fort is just amazing. It has three entrance gates wherein the uppermost gate is known as Hawa Paur, then it has Khooni Darwaza and another gateway is Kati Ghati. As you explore inside the fort you come across points like Khilji mosque, Naukhanda palace, etc. There is a Jauhar Smarak situated just outside the fort complex. It is said that many Rajput women committed Jauhar (an act of self-immolation) just after Medini Rai and his soldiers left the fort to fight the last and final battle with the forces of Babur. The battle was fought on 29th January 1528. Going forward, you can also visit the memorial of Baiju Bawra, a Dhrupad singer in the nearby fort premises.

Badal Mahal Gate

If you are someone who is keen on exploring architectural beauties then Badal Mahal gate is a must-visit for you. What attracts the visitors here is the fact that the gate is basically a singular structure which doesn't lead to any palace meaning the gate leads nowhere- there is no building either in front or back of it.

On the other hand, the moment you step inside this very beautiful complex, you are greeted with greenery all around. The premises host a huge, well maintained lush green garden wherein you can relax and enjoy nature for a while. You can then climb a flight of stairs to reach a long platform from where you can adore an entire panoramic view of the town.

Koshak Mahal

Another picturesque destination to explore in Chanderi is Koshak Mahal. This monument attracts history lovers and architecture enthusiasts alike. The structure bears unique ceiling designs in each of the chambers and the window carvings are also different. Though it is very unclear if the seven floors were constructed or they crumbled over time, but the present-day top floor provides a really fantastic view of the paddy fields lined up all across the nearby surroundings. A visit to this monument in the morning hours turns out best to behold the intricate designs and fantastic architecture.

Kati Ghati

This is considered to be the most dramatic sites to explore in Chanderi. It is believed that this is the place where an opening was cut overnight via a gigantic wall of solid rock. Till date, this massive rock gate has no door. Similar to Chanderi fort, this spot is also great for getting a bird's eye view of this beautiful town.

Shahzadi Ka Roza

One of the beautiful instances of magnificent artistry, Shahzadi Ka Roza is a tomb made for the Chanderi Queen who fell in love with the army chief. As it is the case with most love stories, this too was disapproved by the emperor who plotted to have the Army chief killed. Distraught, the princess committed suicide. Traces of colored tiles can be seen on the outer walls of the tomb.

In the same premises, you can also head to see Parameshwar Tal, which is a beautiful & strikingly impressive tank. On the banks of this water body is Laxman Temple, the architecture of which is sure to impress you.

Kila Kothi, a heritage property

How can we not mention about Kila Kothi when we are speaking about this beautiful town Chanderi? Well! Kila Kothi is a beautiful heritage property from where you can get a bird's eye view of the entire Chanderi. Especially at night, when you stand by the huge balcony attached with each room, you not just enjoy the cool breeze but also the city lights that glow up bright. Enjoy your stay here amidst amazing hospitality teamed up with brilliantly done rooms.

So, if you are looking forward to a trip to Chanderi, do shop the beautiful weave but don't leave without exploring these amazing points of interest and book yourself a stay at the very beautiful Kila Kothi.