Beyond Safari: Top 6 experiences you can have on a trip to Pench


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Pench National Park is where Rudyard Kipling created the timeless, 'The Jungle Book'. The masterpiece took inspiration from its lush landscapes, wild beasts, alluring river, lofty mountain range and towering teak & sal forest. Pench is indeed a land of delightful splendours. The thought of going on a wildlife vacation invokes up images of an adrenaline-pumping jeep safari that takes one into the dense forest, to spot wildlife. But this isn't the only surprise, a forest vacation can offer a varied set of activities to keep your thirst for adventure alive. Scroll down to know about Top six things to do in Pench beyond wildlife safari. 

Runi Jhuni NatureTrail - Pench Tree Lodge

Exploring nature on foot is a different experience altogether. Runi Jhuni nature trail inside Pench National Park is the perfect place to have that experience. The 3-4 km trail starts from the Karmajhiri gate, to provide wildlife lovers with a great opportunity to encounter nature and wildlife from close. Escorted by experienced naturalists, this walking trail ensures an intimate understanding of nature and the various flora and fauna of the forest.

Cycling Tour to Rukhad

The cycling excursion in the buffer zone of Pench National Park is a surreal expedition to spot the rich terrain, wildlife, and flora & fauna of the area. Ride through the Rukhad forest, a part of the Kanha-Pench Corridor which boasts beautiful teak and bamboos trees and a good population of wildlife. The guided tour is conducted by the Pench Tree Lodge which starts around 8 am covering 22 km of distance, finishes at Sakata Forest Rest House. While cycling, you can feel the fresh breeze of the forest and spot different kinds of birds. The ride ends at 12 noon with a piping lunch at the colonial forest rest house which was built in 1903. Post lunch, you can enjoy a jeep safari experience and ride back to the property. There are many other operators that provide similar cycling excursion to various routes and trails.

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A visit to Pachdhar Potter's Village

Embark on a journey to Pachdhar, a potter's village that shares boundaries with the Pench National Park and is 15 km from the Turia gate. It is known for ultimate rural experiences that include villages walk, interaction with the tribe/villagers and trying hands on pottery. Here, around 100 families practice this timeless handcraftsmanship to make a living. Painted with white and blue, almost every house is made of mud, has huge space for moulding clay into earthen utilities and elegant crafts. You can reach this beautiful village either by jeep or cycle ride. Travel to Pachdhar on your visit to Pench and take unforgettable memories from the place with some souvenirs.

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Visit the village haat

Enjoy a leisurely walk, or bicycle ride to the local villages (Vijaypani, Badalpar, Belpath) and weekly haats (bazaars). If you are a craft lover and want to take some indigenous crafts and products of the area with you then take a guided tour by Pugdundee Safari's Pench Tree Lodge. Besides, these villages have organic farms which support the haat with fresh veggies. If you love cooking, you will find a good range of Indian species here to take home.


Most of the travellers who live in cities, seldom get the opportunity to observe the beauty of the night sky. Welcome to Pench, a beautiful destination where you can witness the uninterrupted splendour of the Milky Way. The skies above the forest are free of pollution and offer the good experience of stargazing.  At Pench Jungle Camp, stargazing is tailored to their guests' requests - either by the naturalist at the time of night safari or by one of our senior guide who can set up a telescope to take you on a dedicated stargazing journey.

Savour local food

When in Pench, relish dishes cooked form organic vegetables and lentils. From Desi aloo (local potatoes), Daal Barbati (Yard Long Bean in lentil form), to Dobri Mahua Kheer (Mahua flowers made in rice pudding), everything tastes heaven and are prepared with home-grown produces.  Pench Tree lodge offers its guests the authentic local flavours of rural Madhya Pradesh. With varied experiences, the property also offers a farm dinner experience, under the star-studded night, next to the striking organic garden. The guests can have a live culinary experience of some tastiest recipes.

So, next time you are in Pench, expand your horizon and make the best of your trip by indulging in interesting and thrilling experiences.