Bucket List Events You Must Attend In Madhya Pradesh


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Festivals and Events of Madhya Pradesh

We all have a strong urge to plan a trip to a destination that celebrates fairs and festivals and this itself motivates us to get into the holiday season mood. Such events are a great way to experience a destination in a unique and different way. Madhya Pradesh comes alive with an eclectic mix of exciting annual events that you must attend. So here's a guide for you to help plan a trip and enjoy these events to the fullest. Read on......


Mandu Utsav

When you can plan a trip- During December

With a myriad of beautiful places to see in Mandu, this mesmerizing destination also gives an opportunity to enjoy your heart's content in 5 day-long 'Mandu Utsav'. During this festival, you can indulge in some adventure activities and witness cultural performances. Adventure activities like ATV bike, Paragliding, rifle shooting, parasailing, etc. will give you some thrill for the day while for the evening you can reserve your time to see amazing cultural performances by eminent artists.

 While you get to enjoy unlimited fun during Mandu Utsav, you can also take some time out for sightseeing. This picturesque destination is blessed with numerous beautiful monuments and palaces that are worth adoring. Some of the must-visit points of interest here include Hindola Mahal, Jahaz Mahal, Hoshang Shah's Tomb, Rani Roopmati Pavilion, Baz Bahadur, Ashrafi Mahal, and much more.  The mystic land of Mandu also welcomes you with lush green surroundings everywhere and you simply fall in love with every bit of this destination. So, if you wish to rejuvenate and leave behind your routine life for the time being then do plan a trip in the month of December so that you can also enjoy the fun that comes with Mandu Utsav and also go on to explore its mesmerizing points of interest that speak volumes of its rich history.

  For booking visit : https://www.mandufestival.com/ 


Jal Mahotsav

When you can plan a trip- December- January

This adventurous event goes on for a month in Hanuwantiya and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the air, water, and land adventure activities. Hanuwantiya, located on the banks of Indira Sagar Dam is a perfect place for adventure and nature lovers.

Along with abundant natural beauty, the tourists here can also try their hands on adventure activities like ATV bike ride, paragliding, hot air balloon, and more. Besides this, you can also begin your day by waking up in your own well-equipped tent and simply enjoy breakfast treating yourself to some sumptuous meals. Whereas in the night you can relax by watching various cultural activities and performances. Soak in the peace, rejuvenate yourself, enjoy the much-needed break and get back with a bag full of memories to cherish. 

For booking visit : https://www.jalmahotsav.com/  

Go Heritage Run  

Then you can plan a trip- year-round

Go Heritage Run is a series of fun runs and half marathons that are organized at various cultural and heritage sites. For those who love to stay fit even during a vacation, Go Heritage Run is the event for you. On the go, you get to explore the scenic beauty of a destination and also get to know the rich heritage that is best showcased in the monuments and palaces. Take run vacations by participating in this event as the marathons you get to be a part of are not meant for any competition. Club your vacation with these fun runs alongside enjoying fitness and exploring scenic locations in the Heart of India.  

For booking visit :  https://www.goheritagerun.com/