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Indore - Maheshwar - Mandu - Bagh -Ujjain - Neemuch 

Madhya Pradesh is a state that boasts of different cultures, ethnicities, art & crafts and geographical diversities. The cities and towns like Maheshwar, Mandu, Bagh, Ujjain, Neemuch are the best venues to witness this stunning fusion that adorns the state. A well-planned tour to these heritage and craft rich destinations is perhaps the best way to experience how different and spectacular the cultures can really be. The most convenient way to explore the craft trail of Madhya Pradesh is from the city of Indore which is well-connected to these cities. Here's a suggestion for you!

Day 1 - Indore 

Upon your arrival in Indore, set out on a journey of exploring. Laden with striking monuments and palaces like Rajwada, Krishnapura Chhatris (cenotaphs), Kaanch Mandir, Lal Bagh Palace, central museum, this city speaks of its intriguing heritage which is one of the USP's of the place. 

Craft lovers can visit the local manufacturer of leather toys (Shareef Arts - 081095 62410). Handloom lovers can get in touch with the Batik Printer Mr. Pushyamitra (Contact no -9993091955), to explore the finest collection. 

There are plenty of premium hotels where you can lounge, rest and head for exploration with a fresh mind the next day!

Day 2 - Head to Maheshwar - 95 km from Indore 

The next stop is Maheshwar where you will be smitten by the age-old rustic charm of the town. The Ahilya Fort and Ghat will take you back in history with their praiseworthy craftsmanship. Also, witness the making of the 5th-century weave of Maheshwari which was supported by the patron of art & craft, Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar. The looms of Rehwa Society inside the fort is a perfect place to collect your sarees from! Post exploration, give a nice treat to your taste buds with Daal-Bafla at Shri Banke Bihari Bhojnalaya. Call it a day at MPT Narmada Resort! 

You can shop from: Mrignayanee ( 0755-2676923 - 2676920)

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                                    Rewa Society ( 

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Day 3 - Mandu - 40 km from Maheshwar

Hire a guide to best witness the regal charm of Mandu, an ancient town that is blessed with so many remarkable structures like Jahaz Mahal, Rani Roopmati Pavilion, Rewa Kund and much more. On your way to these tourist attractions, buy the special Khurasani Imli (tamarind), a speciality of Mandu. Stay at MPT resort and kick-off to Bagh village the next morning. 

Day 4 - Bagh - 96 km from Mandu

Bagh is a small village in the Dhar district, rich in culture and art. The Bagh caves attract a lot of tourists all-round the year. The place is also recognised for its Bagh printing units where printing on beautiful cotton and silk fabrics take place. Meet the Khatri family who has been involved in this business for decades and bring home some colourful collection of Bagh sarees, suit fabrics and bedsheets. 

You can Shop from: Mohammed Idris Khatri ( 9630206979)

Day 5 - Ujjain - 198 km from Bagh

After a shopping spree in Bagh, travel to Ujjain and check-in at MPT Ujjaini. Wake up to mesmirising sounds of chanting and birds chirping. Get ready and head for darshan at the Jyotirlinga temple, popularly known as 'Mahakal Temple'. Move to your next destination to meet the traditional batik printers and witness the live process of batik printing which is made using the wax-resist technique. After an enchanting experience in Ujjain, head your way to Neemuch.

Day 6 - MPT Hinglaj Resort - 220 km from Ujjain

Unwind at MPT Hinglaj Resort, 122 km from Tarapur and enjoy a leisurely stay beholding the striking views of Gandhi Sagar Dam. Start fresh the next morning, reach Tarapur village and witness women from Bhil and Gond tribes crafting bead jewellery in beautiful hues and printing Nandana designs on indigo fabrics. End your week-long trip and head to Indore in the last leg of your journey!