Charismatic Chanderi - A town of historic grandeur and art!


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Chanderi - A town of historic grandeur and art

Surrounded by lakes, forests and hills, Chanderi is known for its historical monuments and fabrics.  This ancient town is a prominent place to address years old grandeurs encompassing the natural beauty. According to the Hindu mythology, Shishupal was the king of Chanderi, hence the culturally rich town has its presence in the Indian Mythological Saga - Mahabharata.

Witness the royalty of the city through its endowed architecture and stone studded buildings including 'Kila Koti' or Chanderi Fort which is perched on a hill.  The temple of Ma Jageshwari Devi is another amazing tourist attraction in the town which is surrounded by the lush greenery.  Some other prominent places to visit are Koshak Mahal, Battisi Baoli, Chanderi Museum, Jama Masjid, Badal Mahal Gate, Shehzadi Ka Rauza to name a few.

 The gorgeous hand-crafted Chanderi sarees!

The rich textile of Chanderi is unique in its texture and embraces hand woven embroidery. Chanderi Sarees are among the major handlooms of India which are internationally acclaimed. The credit goes to the local craftsmen who kept this art alive!

A cherished movie destination!

Chanderi is becoming the preferred location for movie makers across India. The intrinsic beauty of the place is attracting various filmmakers to capture the vivid charm of the land in their lenses. Furthermore, the simplicity and ancient architecture of the town make it one of the prominent places for film shooting.

Beauty around Chanderi!

Malan Kho: Situated 8 Km away from Chanderi, Malan Kho is a plush green place surrounded by lake and temple which makes it a much-coveted place for picnics. Tracking through the dense forest also makes this place one of its kind.

Battisi Baoli: is another spectacular place around Chanderi, protected by Archaeological Survey of India. This amazing masonry tank has certain steps that go down to the water level. Moreover, the site serves as an excellent example of an ancient engineering marvel and water harvesting.