5 Days Itinerary/Package

Call Of The Wild (Theme: Wildlife)

Day 1 - Arrival at Pench
Check-In at Hotel Kipling’s Court & Lunch & Evening park safari round
Untamed Pench
Mode of Travel
Sonegaon Airport, Nagpur is around 92 km from the park. Nagpur airport, connected to Delhi, Mumbai and major cities, is also the closest airport. Jabalpur (192 km) also serves as a convenient airhead with regular flights from Delhi.
Nagpur (92 km) and Jabalpur (192 km) serve as a convenient railhead connected to Delhi, Mumbai and other major cities. Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Bangalore and Delhi-Bilaspur trains halt at Nagpur.
National Highway 7 connects the Pench National Park to Nagpur. The drive time from Nagpur is 2 hrs and from Jabalpur is 4 hrs.
Delightful Kanha
Mode of Travel
Nearest airport is Jabalpur airport (170 kms) which is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhopal and other major cities. Second best option is Nagpur airport (290 kms). Raipur airport (260 kms) can be preferred as the third option.
The nearest railway stations are Bilaspur (175 kms), Gondia (127 kms), Jabalpur (214 kms), Nagpur (280 kms) and Raipur (216 kms)
Nearest cities are Jabalpur (165 kms), Raipur, Nagpur. Jabalpur & Nagpur are on National Highway-7 which connects Varanasi to Kanyakumari. The routes are: Jabalpur - Mandla - Kanha (Khatia gate), cabs for hire available Raipur - Simga - Kawardha - Chilphi- Gadhi- Kanha (Mukki gate), cabs for hire available Nagpur - Seoni - Balaghat - Baihar - Kanha (Mukki gate), cabs for hire available
Day 2 - Stay in Kanha
Check-In Baghira Jungle Resort, Mocha & Lunch. Evening park safari round & Wildlife film show in evening.
Day 3 - In Bandhavgarh
Check-In White Tiger Forest Lodge, Bandhavgarh
Royal Bandhavgarh
Mode of Travel
The nearest airports are the Khajuraho Civil Aerodrome (250 km) and the Jabalpur Airport (190 km). Both are well connected to major cities like Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.
The closest railway stations are Umaria (37 km), Katni (100 km), Jabalpur (190 km) and Khajuraho (250 km). These stations are well connected to major cities.
You can get to Bandhavgarh by state/private transport buses or by car/taxi from Umaria (37 km), Jabalpur (190 km), Katni (100 km) or Khajuraho (250 km).
Breathtaking Bhedaghat
Mode of Travel
It's very convenient to reach Bhedaghat by air, as the nearest airport to this place is Jabalpur which is just 23 km away.
Jabalpur, on Mumbai-Howrah via Allahabad mainline is the nearest railway station to Bhedaghat.
It's fairly easy to reach Bhedaghat by road, as buses, tempos and taxis run regularly from Jabalpur to this place.
Day 4 - Stay in Bhedaghat
Check-In Motel Marble Rock, Bhedaghat Evening Tea, Dinner & Overnight stay.
Day 5 - Cruise Ride in Bargi
Cruise Ride (45 Minutes)
Funfair of Jabalpur
Mode of Travel
With the nearest airport, the Jabalpur Dumna airport, at a distance of mere 20 kms. from the city, travelling is hassle-free. Jabalpur is also well connected with Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Bhopal, and Indore by air.
Jabalpur has regular trains from major cities of the country. Nearest stations are Jabalpur Junction (JBP), Madan Mahal (MML), Deori (DOE), Adhartal (ADTL) and Jamtara Paraswara (JPV)
Frequent cab service to Jabalpur is available from all major cities such as Bhopal, Indore and Raipur.

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There is something magical about being on a wildlife safari!  Travelers pack your bags to get the glimpse of what you can see on your excursion to Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh ...