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Burhanpur Trails and Walks - Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Burhanpur is a hidden jewel in Madhya Pradesh situated on the banks of Tapti River around 340 km southwest of Bhopal. To explore the infinite offerings of the town, go for a well-planned tour organised by the District Archaeology, Tourism & Culture Council (DATCC). They usually curate a week-long trip depending on your interest and include a variety of surreal experiences. If you are planning to visit this heritage city, here's a list of experiences that you can indulge during your stay.

Heritage walk

Burhanpur was founded in 1400 AD by the Faruqi King and ruled by different kings. It is still a city of great architectural importance, and its fame rests largely in monuments namely Asirgarh Fort, Badshahi Qila, Shahi Hammam to name a few and pilgrimages sites like Dargah-e-hakimi and Gurudwara Badi Sangat. Visit and experience the never-ending opulence of the ancient town with a Heritage Walk. 

River Walking

The sprawling landscape of Burhanpur is favourable to opt for soft adventure activities. Head to the jungle with the team of experts to do river walking starting from Nepanagar Phata. Crossing the Mushk or Pandhar river will sure to give you a feel of being wrapped in the arms of nature.


Next day, you can go for trekking which commences from Nimbola Village, it will be a 5 kms trek in the forest which will introduce you to beautiful Arjun trees and a bunch of waterfalls. It's an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Textile Trail - Kapas se Libas tak

You can dedicate a day exploring the cotton fields and making of textile at Tapti Soot Mill. Know about how cotton is collected from plants and goes in the factory, gets transformed in a thread then in pure cotton fabric. After releasing from the factory, fabrics are beautified with block prints by the printers. You can shop 100% pure cotton dupatta, sarees and fabrics directly from the artists and also witness the live printing process. 

Village Walk

Spend a day strolling in the tribal village, Karoniya Phaliya and meet Barela tribe. Enjoy delicious home-cooked food prepared from organic veggies and explore the range of handicrafts that the tribal artists make like Charpai. A small conversation with them about their day-to-day activities will surely bring a smile to your face! 

Regional Food 

Burhanpur is not only famous for its monument but also for its food. When in the city, try delicious Mawa jalebi and Afghani Food to give your taste buds a treat. The special Daal & Chawal cooked in separate copper vessels for hours with added rich flavours of organic spices and a tinge of special ingredient 'peeli mirch'  (yellow pepper) will be a good change to the taste of your regular urban bites. The combo is served with tasty mahua chatni!

Dance & Cultural Activities

Burhanpur is endowed with a rich culture which can be observed in its tribal dance and Sufi music. When you travel with a customised package, you get to enjoy various cultural activities during your stay in Burhanpur. These activities include tribal matki dance and Sufi music that can be conducted in your desired environment. If you wish to enjoy Sufi Sangeet at Dargah, it can be arranged. Similarly, Matki dance can be organised in a village environment as well!

Plan a trip to Burhanpur to enjoy heritage, culture and rural tourism at its best!

Contact - Mr. Kamaruddin Falak (DATCC) - 9131056037

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