Bhagoria: A Lively Tribal Festival in the Heart of Madhya Pradesh


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Madhya Pradesh Bhagoria Festival, Alirajpur

Since ages, Madhya Pradesh is a proud home to several tribal communities, and to take an insight into their interesting traditions and culture, one must participate in their vibrant fairs and festivals that are an integral part of their lifestyle.  These bring in a very good opportunity to witness different hues of native tribal culture. Bhagoria is one of the lively tribal festivals celebrated by tribes like Bhils and Bhilalas in the regions OF Jhabua, Dhar, Alirajpur, and Khargone. 

The fair also has an agricultural significance attached to it as it marks the end of the harvest season and celebrated a week prior to Holi.  

Altogether, this festival is a congregation of people, music dance, and all things joyous. Young tribal boys and girls can be seen tapping their feet dancing and singing to their traditional tribal tunes. 

What makes an amazing site is to witness the tribal boys and girls who wear the flashiest clothes possible. Girls from one village wear identical saris or ghagra cholis teamed with heavy silver tribal jewelry so as to be easily identified amongst all the groups in the busy fair. So, one gets to see different groups of girls, all dressed in the brightest possible colors to stand out from the crowd. 

The cheerful ambiance all around keeps you excited to explore every bit of Bhagoria. Also, an array of shops selling silver jewelry to clay pots to fruits and vegetables gives you ample opportunity to shop to your heart's content. Haats at this festival is sure to fill your day with a great shopping experience. 

Interesting facts with Bhagoria

  • It is believed that 'Bhagoria' commenced from Raja Bhoj's era. Two Bhil Kings had then begun the fair and since then it has been continuing to date. 
  • Gradually, the nearby Bhil kings too began to follow up on the tradition of celebrating the fair.
  • This colorful festival is celebrated for 7 days before the Holi festival in March. It brings in a great time to rejoice the new season. 
  • The tribes also collect nectar from Taadi trees and consume the same 

Isn't it interesting? Do plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh around Holi so that you can witness this unique festival and enjoy every bit it. 

A vibrant festival to witness in the heart of India ia Bhagoria. The cheerful festival is celebrated by differetnt types of Madhys Pradesh like Bhils and Bhilalas and makrs the end of the harvest season.