One of the best camping destinations in Madhya Pradesh


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Best camping destinations in Madhya Pradesh

Camping is one of the best ways to explore and connect with nature. Taking a trip into the wilderness comes like a retreat from urban life and you need nothing more than a backpack filled with the essentials and the company of great friends or a special someone. That's not it. Sleeping under the blanket of twinkling stars or simply enjoying a plate full of Maggie while being surrounded by breathtaking landscapes can be the most memorable experience. All you need to do is to opt for that perfect campsite where you can take up diverse camping experiences and come back on a happy note.

So, we are guiding you to one of the best campsites in Madhya Pradesh that is Patalkot where you can spend a vacation mingling with fellow campers, sing your heart out around the campfire and spend an amazing time of your life! This campsite is a huge extravagance for adventure and nature lovers. Read on to know what all you can do and explore here.

Adore amazing landscapes from the comfort of your tent

Camping at Patalkot means you have no dearth of picturesque landscapes.  Pick up a spot, set up your tent and you will love adoring the lush green surroundings while enjoying your favorite meal. Peace and tranquillity surrounds this campsite, so you can rejuvenate yourselves and discover the true beauty of nature. 

Village walk to soak in the rural life experiences

The other fascinating activity that you can take up while camping in Patalkot is a village walk. A short walk to the nearby villages will not only get you to meet the locals but you can also chance upon to understand their daily lives, their food habits and cultures and traditions that they love to follow. 

Go on a Riverside trek

Patalkot allows camping on the banks of Doodhi river. As the day goes by, camping near this river gives a feeling of extreme peace and calm. The beautiful sceneries around and the river flowing in between the rocks also gives you some good photo opportunities to fill your social media handles!

Set off early to trek and carry some snacks and refreshments to make an entire day of it. Treasure the comfortable silence in the surroundings or simply sit by the riverside with your feet dipped in water. The entire experience will make you feel at ease and you will enjoy every bit of trekking here. 

Engage in team building activities

Enjoy fun in the sun or go creative with the sand art at the riverside, the choice is yours. You can even plan some treasure hunts to keep the fun going throughout. As the sun sets and darkness takes over, a bonfire night camping is something you should miss to experience. Either enjoy the entertainment from your tent or play guitar and music around the bonfire, this is one of the best means to adore the beauty of this campsite in the moonlit night. 

Get going folks! Patalkot awaits you to offer a thrilling camping experience.