Art Ichol - Where Floral Waste is turned into Incense Sticks


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Art Ichol - Where Floral Waste is turned into Incense Sticks

Floral wastes have a tremendous & unexploited potential of being converted into wealth by using simple and inexpensive measures. That is what is exactly followed at Maihar where flowers offered at Maa Sharda Devi temple are collected by local women and then converted into incense sticks called 'Sacred in Sense'. 

Taking a step towards environment conservation, this eco-friendly initiative is a project that the Maihar- Satna Chapter of Intach has taken on, an initiative spearheaded by Ambica Beri, Founding Director of Art Ichol. It is also a means to empower local women. Ambica Beri shares that it was with the help of the Crafts and Community Division of INTACH, that they at the Maihar Satna chapter recently conducted a workshop on the recycling of this sacred incense, from flowers to incense sticks. 

"Flowers are considered as holy entities and therefore offered by the pilgrims at the temple. Every day these flowers offered by the devotees in the place of worship are left unused which further leads to waste. Hence, the entire idea is to put them to good use as a non-toxic product at the same time engaging the women and teaching them this skill. This would further help them to create a self-help group." Shared Beri.  

"Initially, we had started with just 50 women in this project whereas now we have around 200 women from Satna and surrounding areas who are utilizing this platform to learn how to make incense sticks out of waste flowers," She added.   

Just like how the local women are doing their bit to protect the environment, let's also come together to do our bit to protect and think about our planet earth in the best means possible. 

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