5 Best Tea shops in Bhopal - Every Chai Lover must Visit


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Top Tea spots in bhopal

In Madhya Pradesh, Chai is more than just a regular drink to start the day. The thick milk drink is an integral part to maintain the rhythm of life. As people are open to experiment, shops are coming up with new blends in tea. From traditional masala, adrak, elaichi to new flavours like chocolate and paan, tea lovers are wholeheartedly relishing a wide variety of chai. Talking about love for tea, Bhopal is no exception, it's famous for having numerous tea shops and unique flavours of chai. Here's sharing some of the best places to enjoy chai in Bhopal.

Raju Tea Stall - Sultania Road

Started by a young tea seller Fareed in the 90s, Raju Tea Stall has become an iconic tea shop today. It is known for having the popular guests namely MF Hussain, Bimal Jalan (former RBI Governor) and many other noble personalities. When Bimal Jalan visited the shop, he was so impressed with the taste that he handed Fareed a note of 100 rupees with his autograph. It is one of the oldest chai places to sip on this hot drink. While the new ones may have moved on to using many flavours and ingredients in tea, Raju Tea Stall till date serves only one kind of tea which has become their signature taste. Other than its popular drink, the shop also has hot snacks like samosas, mangode and mawa jalebis to devour.

Indian Tea House (ITH) - Beside Gauhar Mahal

Just behind the palatial building of Gauhar Mahal, situated the Indian Tea House (ITH). It gained huge popularity in a relatively very short span because of its gorgeous lake facing location. One side of the cafe will give you breath-taking views of glistening lake while another side will offer a glimpse of heritage in old city such as Iqbal Maidan and Shaukat Mahal. If you are a true nature & heritage lover at heart then this is the place to be! Visit ITH to grab a cup of Zafrani or Moroccan chai with their famous Maggi and relish the food sitting at the stairs, gazing at VIP road and upper lake.

Kulhadwaala - MP Nagar

Beating the odds, Kulhadwaala in Bhopal has bought back the trend of drinking hot tea in kulhad (clay cup). From black pepper, saunf, strawberry tea to several other types, there is barely any kind of tea that you would not find here. You can choose from a wide variety of sandwiches from their menu to enjoy with a cup of hot tea or iced tea.

Chai Chautees (34) - Shivaji Nagar

As the name suggests, Chai 34 has so many interesting flavours of tea including laung, dalchini, tulsi adrak, badi elaichi to enjoy. Along with your tea order, you can devour on some crispy fries and cheese bites here. The collection of delectable teas, coffees, shakes, and savouries here will make you want to keep going back.

Chai Sutta Bar - Boat Club

This is another option to have a unique chai experience in Bhopal. Chai Sutta Bar offers special flavours of chai including  paan, chocolate, etc. It is quite popular among the locals and tourists for its choicest snacks and tea. An array of options in the teas make the treats even more worthwhile.

So, make sure you explore these tea spots to grab a cup on your next trip to Bhopal!