5 Awesome Monsoon Destinations in Madhya Pradesh


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Monsoon Destinations in Madhya Pradesh | MP Tourism

If you are someone who loves monsoon and enjoys water puddles, damp roads and the aroma of wet soil then monsoon is one of the best times for you to explore the offbeat destinations in Madhya Pradesh. These places will give you the real feel of the heart of Incredible India with cool winds, floating clouds and raindrops to set your mood right! So, what are you waiting for. Just pack your bags and head to Madhya Pradesh. 

These 5 best monsoon destinations will surely give you a  trip to remember during monsoon:


Jahaj Mahal Mandu - Madhya Pradesh

Mandu during monsoon is a sight to behold as it turns romantically beautiful.  Abound with historical tales, this city makes for a quaint idyllic hilly dreamland in this season.  Nature is at it's scintillating best & you can see its enchanting beauty adorned with the greenery all around. Before entering in Mandu just take a halt to watch Kakrah Khoh waterfall. A captivating sight during monsoon, this waterfall looks breathtaking. Going further, get mesmerized to see Jahaz Mahal floating on 2 water bodies- Kapur and Munj Talao. It stands beautiful against the lush green grass. During monsoon, the water level reaches the edge of the monument thereby giving it a ship like appearance & hence the name Jahaz Mahal.

Don't forget to visit Rani Roopmati Pavilion set at a vantage point. It commands a striking view of Narmada river which can be seen meandering through the plains like a streak of a thin silver lining. Enjoy the glory of a lush green landscape and the canopy of floating clouds from the Pavilion. 


Pachmarhi waterfall - Madhya Pradesh

Raindrops striking the dry earth, Water droplets adding grace to the leaves waving softly in the breeze,  the waterfalls gushing and there is greenery all around.... that's how anyone who has ever visited the queen of Satpura will describe the picturesque Pachmarhi during monsoon to you. This season turns out to be the best time to explore the vibrant colors of Satpura. For those who love mist covered and rain-soaked mountains will certainly love spending a vacay in this beautiful hill station.

Apart from many natural wonders and tourist destinations, Pachmarhi caters to all kinds of travelers to offer them a rejuvenating holiday experience at comfortable accommodations. Chill out, relax and unwind amidst the scenic settings at MPT Champak Bungalow, MPT Rock End Manor, MPT Glen View, MPT Satpura Retreat. Listen to the sound of rain as you recline on the Verandah. These accommodations are sure to stir up your senses & get you in the joyful mood.   

The bonus to your trip here is that you can take up a bicycle from any MPT property and simply go out on exploring the very scenic trails of this beautiful hill station. With smooth roads and pleasant weather, you can head out for an adventurous expedition.


Boat club, Bhopal- Madhya Pradesh Tourism

A beautiful amalgamation of natural scenery and rich history, Bhopal looks amazingly pretty during monsoon. The season brings out the hidden magic of this place. Soak in the soft sensuous experience of the melody of raindrops while walking through the by lanes of this beautiful city. 

You can begin your day with a cycling experience in Van Vihar National Park. What amplifies the beauty of this national park during monsoon is that you get to explore its calmness and serenity in the surroundings via cycling. An early morning ride will certainly make your day! After touring the National Park, you can head to Wind & Waves restaurant (approx 18 min from Van Vihar) which indeed gives you a breathtaking view of Upper lake and you can enjoy monsoon to the fullest here.

Another scenic spot is Bharat Bhavan you should include in your must-visit list is Bharat Bhavan(center for performing & visual arts) which is hardly at a distance of 4.1 km from boat club. Visiting this spot will not just spellbind you for its own beauty but you can actually enjoy drizzles standing on the rooftop facing the lake.

Kerwa- Kaliyasot: The entire stretch at Kerwa and Kaliyasot turns lush green. You can enjoy a cycle ride or you can even plan long walks here. Also, if there's is anything that truly defines the essence of this season then it is 'Bhutta'. You can enjoy munching on Bhuttas (corn) available at the roadside stalls here.  The flavor of the charcoaled, lemon and masala squeezed snack can bring water to anyone's mouth!


Tawa - Madhya Pradesh

An ideal monsoon getaway, Tawa comes alive with picturesque views during monsoon. Everything you see here turns out green, fresh, clean and soothing. You can also enjoy a stay at MPT Tawa Resort. A stay at this accommodation is an experience in itself. Come with your cameras ready and take back a bag full of memories with you as every moment you spend here will turn out special.


Amarkantak waterfall- Madhya Pradesh Tourism

One of the hidden gems in Madhya Pradesh, Amarkantak is a must visit spot during Madhya Pradesh. Those who love adoring nature will love to spend a holiday here. Some of the points of interests that you must visit include Sonmuda, Kapildhara & Dugdhdhara waterfalls.

Also, if you are in no mood to step out in this weather then worry not. MPT Holiday Homes allows you to enjoy fantastic window views from your room. Get yourself a cutting chai or a piping hot cup of coffee teamed with sumptuous snacks offered at the Hotel.