Ancient tales etched in unfinished monuments - Bhojpur, close to Bhopal, is nothing short of a trip back in time!


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Situated on the river Betwa, Bhojpur is where history resides. The town got its name from the fabled King Bhoja of the Paramara Dynasty. It is believed that the two large cyclopean dams here were built on the orders of the king.

Today, this scenic town is renowned the world over for its caves and temples which date back thousands of years. Not only does this make Bhojpur immensely important for archaeological studies, but also gives it the deserved religious importance.

Where time paused, and so did creations

Bhojpur is home to numerous masterpieces of art, the construction of which was inexplicably abandoned halfway. What make these monuments absolutely amazing is that despite being incomplete, these are some of the finest examples of craftsmanship.