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Do not make use of mobile phones inside the Park.


Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park is located in close proximity to the Shivpuri town. Madhav National Park has been the hunting preserve of the Maharajas of Gwalior, and is one of the oldest protected areas of Madhya Pradesh.


The Shivpuri area is legendary for its faunal riches. It is said that Emperor Akbar, while returning from Malwa in 1854, captured a large number of wild elephants in its forests. However, at present there are no elephants in this tract. During 1956, an area of 165.32 sq km was notified as a national park under the Madhya Bharat National Park Act of 1955. Subsequently, the area has been increased to 354.61 sq km. The common fauna in Madhav National Park include leopard, Wild dog, wolf, jackal, hyena, Spotted deer, Nilgai, Chinkara, Chowsingha and Wild pig. There are reports of tigers straying into the area from adjoining forests. More than 227 species of birds can be seen, and a large number of migratory birds visit the park during winter – Spots bills, pelicans, Spoon bills, Brahminy ducks and Bar headed geese. The lakes have a large variety of fishes. The places of tourist attraction in the area include SakhyaSagar Lake, Sailing Club and shooting box, Madhav Lake, George Castle, BhuraKho, JalMandir and Siddha Baba.


Getting there:


 By Air :

Madhav National Park is accessible from Gwalior (108 km) by air.


  By Road :

Madhav National Park is accessible from Gwalior (108 km) by road air.


   By Rail:

Madhav National Park is accessible from Gwalior (108 km) by rail.