Kanha National Park
THE TIGER RESERVE The largest park with the biggest cats
Kanha National Park
22.3345° N, 80.6115° E

Kanha National Park

  • Largest National Park in MP

    The largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh with 940 sq. km under it

  • Best Administered Parks in Asia

    Considered to be one of the BEST ADMINISTERED PARKS IN ASIA

  • Royal Bengal Tigers


  • Dense Forest of Kanha

    Bamni Dadar offers a spectacular view of the setting sun and the dense forest of Kanha

  • Species of Birds & Flora


Lapsi Kabar: in memory
of a lion-heart

Lapsi Kabar


The Tale Behind Shravan Tal

Spread across 940 sq.km, Kanha National Park is one of the largest parks in Madhya Pradesh where the majestic royal Bengal tigers are found in good numbers.

The Park is respected globally for saving the Barasingha from near extinction. No doubt, it is one of the best managed parks in Asia and a part of Project Tiger. National Geographic's award winning 'Land of the Tigers' was shot here, but the park is home to leopards, wild dogs and Barasingha as well.

A safari in Kanha will surely get you thrilled, the way you were on your first trip to the zoo, as a child.

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How to get here?

Reaching by Air

Reaching Kanha by Air

Nearest airport is Jabalpur airport (170 kms) which is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhopal and other major cities. Second best option is Nagpur airport (290 kms). Raipur airport (260 kms) can be preferred as the third option.

Reaching by Rail

Reaching Kanha by Rail

The nearest railway stations are Bilaspur (175 kms), Gondia (127 kms), Jabalpur (214 kms), Nagpur (280 kms) and Raipur (216 kms)

Reaching by Road

Reaching Kanha by Road

Nearest cities are Jabalpur (165 kms), Raipur, Nagpur. Jabalpur & Nagpur are on National Highway-7 which connects Varanasi to Kanyakumari.

The routes are: Jabalpur - Mandla - Kanha (Khatia gate), cabs for hire available Raipur - Simga - Kawardha - Chilphi- Gadhi- Kanha (Mukki gate), cabs for hire available Nagpur - Seoni - Balaghat - Baihar - Kanha (Mukki gate), cabs for hire available

A lion-heart lost to a tiger

Lapsi Kabar - Courageous & Expert Hunter

In memory of Lapsi

A courageous, expert hunter and guide named 'Lapsi' lost his life while battling a ferocious tiger in an attempt to protect his sportsmen colleagues.

In 1930, the most popular hunter-guide Lapsi was assisting a few sportsmen in their hunting expedition. Lapsi knew every spot of the forest and was an expert on animal nature, making him the best guide.

In their expedition, they encountered a tiger. The tiger, by nature, charged towards them. Lapsi bravely decided to battle the ferocious beast to protect his sportsmen colleagues. Unfortunately, he lost the fight.

In his memory, a gravestone was erected at the spot he fought the tiger. Today, Lapsi Kabar is an important spot in Kanha National Park.

King's mistake led to the loss of blind parents

Shravan Tal Lake

Here Shravan lost his life

Shravan, regarded as one of the most ideal sons in mythology, was mistaken for a deer and killed with an arrow.

This tale, mentioned in the epic Ramayana, has been revered since ages. Shravan, an ideal and the only son to blind parents, was carrying his parents for pilgrimage. While passing through Kanha, his parents asked Shravan to arrange for water to drink.

He carried his pitcher and headed to a lake. Incidentally, at the same lake was King Dashratha, father of Lord Rama, on his hunting expedition. Unaware of an expert hunter around, Shravan dipped his pitcher into the water. The sound alerted King Dashratha and he shot his arrow in the direction of the sound.

Later, the King realised and regretted that he mistook Shravan for a deer and killed him. Since then the lake is called Shravan Tal.