Beauty of Chanderi
CHANDERI HANDICRAFTS History with a silken touch
Beauty of Chanderi
24.7128° N, 78.1365° E

Beauty of Chanderi

  • Chanderi Sarees

    Home to the exquisite Chanderi saris

  • Chanderi Jama Masjid

    The only Jama Masjid in India without minars is found here

  • Shishupal Ruler in Chanderi

    According to legend, mahabharata's Shishupal once ruled this town

  • Jain Culture

    Major centre of Jain culture

  • Chanderi Baolis

    Chanderi is known to have had 1200 Baolis in the past

A town with 1200
Baolis (stepwells)

1200 Baolis in Chanderi

The secret
of Chanderi saris

Chanderi Sarees Secret

In existence since the 11th century, Chanderi is blessed with scenic beauty in and around it. While picturesque hills, lakes and forts sit surrounding it, the exquisite hand-woven Chanderi saris adorn this historic town.

These saris are adored around the globe for the artistry behind their creation. The elegance of this matchless intricate art of embellishing silk and cotton fabric with zari weaving resides in harmony with the towering forts and palaces. It is a beautiful contrast rare to be found anywhere else.

The town of Chanderi, with its regal radiance, will leave you spellbound, and often, feeling like the royalty, you used to playact as a child.

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How to get here?

Reaching by Air

Reaching Chanderi by Air

Nearest airports are Gwalior, Bhopal and Devi Ahilyabai Holkar airport, Indore. It is well-connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kathmandu, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Reaching by Rail

Reaching Chanderi by Rail

The nearest railway station is Lalitpur, which is just 36 km away. So are Mungaoli, just 38 kms away and Ashok Nagar which is 46 kms away.

Reaching by Road

Reaching Chanderi by Road

Frequent cab service to Chanderi is available from Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Shivpuri, Jhansi, Tikamgarh, Vidisha, Sanchi, Lalitpur, Guna and Ashok Nagar.

Ahead of its time even in the 11th century

Baolis of Chanderi

Baolis of Chanderi

The city of Chanderi is known to have 1200 Baolis in the past. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that Chanderi was not even located on the banks of a river. As per Baburnama, 'a small river, Betwa, was at a distance of about 3 kurohs (6 miles)'.

The town's emergence as an administrative centre made the rulers build Baolis. Adjacent to these wells, ponds were excavated for rainwater harvesting and maintaining the water level. Several of these still exist, like the Chakla Baoli, Battisi Baoli and Moosa Baoli to name a few.

This ahead-of-the-times idea, implemented long back in the 11th century is sure to leave you absolutely amazed.

The secret of Chanderi saris

Close-up of a Chanderi sari

Close-up of a Chanderi sari

The town of Chanderi has guarded one secret very dearly, for centuries. The Chanderi saris. Even the British invaders with their mill-made cotton couldn't defeat the moonshine radiance of the fabric created by Indian weavers using raw spun cotton. With time, these matchless artisans started using Japanese silk with cotton.

White with intricate golden zari border, these saris are also adored globally for being lightweight and thin.

Legend says that the Chanderi fabric was once gifted to Emperor Akbar in the hollow of a bamboo stick and when drawn out, it was enough to cover an entire elephant. The Chanderi sari was, and still is, a symbol of superlative beauty and status.