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Madhav National Park -MPTourism

Madhav National Park

Take a trip into an unbeatable wildlife experience!

Viewing wildlife in its natural habitat is no doubt a rewarding experience in Madhya Pradesh. To cherish this experience, visit Madhav National Park which is an eclectic mix of wildlife and natural lush green surroundings.

Pench National Park -MPTourism

Pench National Park

Anyday spent here is a good day!

Madhya Pradesh is home to several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which gives you a sneak peek into the rich and diverse wildlife of the state. One such national park is Pench Tiger Reserve, one of the premier tiger reserves which is a delight for wildlife buffs. Pench falls in Seoni and Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. Look forward to exploring the nature and wildlife at its best here.

Satpura National Park - MPTOURISM

Satpura National Park

A trip to Serene Land!

Who doesn’t wish to take a break from the routine and escape in the lap of nature? This is what you can experience at Satpura National Park which takes you on a peaceful journey amidst lush greenery and pleasant ambience. It is adjoined with Pachmarhi and Bori Sanctuaries providing a glimpse of unique central Indian ecosystem.



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Sailani Island

Scenic Sailani Island

An Island that promises natural beauty, luxury and fun!

A blend of lush environs, glimmering water, comfortable lodging and a bunch of adventure activities is all you need at the untapped and unexplored Sailani Island to discover the splendour of Madhya Pradesh. A visit to the secret Sailani Island will definitely bring you joy and amazing travel experience!

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Pachmarhi Hill Station

Serene Pachmarhi

Embellished by nature, history and Beauty

The Queen of Satpura is truly for the unwinding. Listed in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its flora and fauna, Pachmarhi is nature’s gift to Heart of India. Its majestic hills, flurry of air and historic significance make this destination a must visit. The most favored hill station of Madhya Pradesh will tempt you to visit it every monsoon.

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Sacred Sanchi

Sacred Sanchi

History’s prosperity preserved by architectural marvels

Sanchi rose to fame during the reign of Emperor Ashoka, but soon was ignored for years. This quiet town saw the rise and fall of Buddhism; transformation of Emperor Ashoka's beliefs; and rose again to preserve this rich history.

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