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Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism

Madhya Pradesh

It’s been more than two decades that the Ministry of Tourism has been honouring the state tourism boards, hotels, tour operators, guides, and private organisation with rewards via the prestigious National Tourism Awards. Like every year, this year’s award ceremony of ‘National Tourism Awards, 2016-17’ was again held on World Tourism Day on September 27 in order to celebrate the occasion.

Mandu - Best Heritage City


Mandu mesmerizes you for all the right reasons. It is indeed one magical destination mostly preferred to be visited during Monsoon. However when you set out on a journey to a  destination as beautiful as Mandu, you tend to fall in love with its scenic beauty. An excellent offbeat destination, this place is the testament to the love between king Baaz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. One can actually relive the bygone era here. This epitome of architectural excellence recently won the award for ‘Best Heritage City’ during the National Tourism Award ceremony held in New Delhi on World Tourism Day.

Museum of Natural Wooden Sculptures - Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism

Museum of Natural Wooden sculptures

Small efforts give you little motivation and little motivation can further take you to achieve greater heights. Well that’s been the case with Munnalal Vishwakarma who never knew that his ability to imagine just a normal looking piece of wood into a certain specific form could help him come up with a museum. Though Vishwakarma never attended school but all that he had with him was an eye, keen observational skills to see ordinary wooden pieces into animal forms, birds, reptiles, God etc.

Ganpati Temple - Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism

Chintaman Ganesh temple

There is something about Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations which fills up the surroundings with utmost positivity and festive cheer that everyone looks forward to enjoying. The festival conjures up the thought of seeking darshan of Vighna harta and of course grab a chance to relish on Bappa’s favourite- Modaks!

Temples of Indore - Madhya pradesh(MP) Tourism


There is a lot more to the town of Indore than you think! Once the capital of Holkars, Indore has been home to wide-ranging crafts, cookeries and architectural grandeurs including the ancient as well as the contemporary. Talking about the edifices, Indore is a must visit destination to explore temples. Bada Ganpati and Khajrana being the most visited and popular of all.

Udaigiri and Vidisha Places to see- Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism

Vidisha, Gyaraspur & Udaygiri Caves

Vidisha near Sanchi is an antique town that has played a significant role not only in Ramayana and Meghdoot but also during the golden era of Mauryas and Guptas. Put together in the fork of the Betwa and Bes rivers, Vidisha district is an embodiment of numerous historical treasures. Just a few kilometres from the city situated the Udaygiri Caves and Gyaraspur, two of the supreme ancient sites to discover.

Places to see in khajuraho - Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism


Khajuraho is all about its chain of magnificent temples that are popular for having intricate sculptures and designs. The splendour of the statues is one of the reasons which makes it a popular location to visit among the tourists. Like most of the Hindu temples, the architecture of Khajuraho temples also follows a grid geometrical design called vastu-purusha-mandala. As per the grid, most of the temples face sunrise whereas entrances for the devotees open on the east side.

Tribal Museum in Bhopal -  Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism

Tribal Museum

There are several museums in the city of lakes which have a lot of unheard truth of bygone era in its folds and Bhopal's diversity is clearly reflected in its museums. One of the biggest attractions here is Tribal museum. A tour to this museum just once is sure to make you a repeat visitor for all the unique presentations once can witness here.

River Rafting, Orchha - MPTourism


Orchha is a town of historical importance, founded by the Bundela king, Rudra Pratap Singh in the 16th century, it is settled on the banks of river Betwa. The majestic town of Orchha is recognised for sightseeing of its remarkable chhattris (cenotaphs), palaces, forts and divine temple

Gwalior Places to see - Madhya Pradesh(MP) Tourism

Gwalior Temples

With one of the most beautiful forts, magnificent palaces and museums, Gwalior has many aces up its sleeves. No doubt Gwalior fort tops the list when it comes to exploring the historical side of the city, but Gwalior can also enlighten your soul with spirituality as there are temples which not just attract for their architecture but also for the tales associated with each one of them.