About #KheloGhumoJaano

Do you sometimes feel like going back to your childhood days? Those carefree times, those innocent things we did and most important the playtime with our friends... Well that was the charm and essence of childhood. Let's go back to the time when playing games meant enjoying indoors or outdoors and life was simple. Let's relive the time when there were no mobile phones, tablets, PC and the simple joy of sitting with a paper and a pencil with lots of friends to play numerous games was the real joy. One such game that gave you immense joy, giggles, laughter was Name, Place, Animal Thing. The game is all set to unfold its magic once again. So, play with your gang of friends and have fun all over again.

How to Play:
  1. On a daily basis (for 12 days) you will receive a random alphabet on the microsite. The link to the microsite can be referred from all the social media platforms of MP Tourism.
  2. After entering the microsite, first, you have to register with your Name, City, Mobile no. and Email. Once you are done with the registration, you can start playing #KheloGhumoJaano with reference to the letter for the day. For example- the letter displayed for the day is B so you can fill Name(Celebrities), Place, Animal, and Thing (Food and Art &Crafts) which is related to Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Keep playing regularly to achieve high scores and land in an amazing chance to win some exciting prizes.