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Tamia - Nature’s Hidden Gem


Nature is in charge of creating an incredible canvas of beauty, serenity and mystery, in Tamia. The breath-taking forest region hidden from the chaos of the modern world offers an invigorating moments that replenishes the tired souls of the visitors.

Rich with mythical stories and historical tales, the tribal community of the region has lived in quiet solitude with the forests, rivers, valleys and mountains since centuries. The deep gorge looks like a horseshoe when seen from the hill top and is considered to be the way to patal (the underworld). The forest is full of evergreen trees, medicinal plants and rocks that dates back to an era that is 2500 million years back. 

Tamia is being developed as the finest example of eco-tourism in partnership with the locals. 

Give your monsoon vacation a surreal experience at Tamia.

Getting there:

By rail: Nearest railway station in Nagpur (208 km).

By road: Nearest bus station is Chhindwara (76km).