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Sanjay Dubri National Park - A worth wildlife sojourn!


There are a plenty of reasons which makes the Sanjay National Park one of the supreme wildlife stopping destinations in Central India. Its assortment of flora is pervasive among nature and biota enthusiasts. This wildlife utopia is a part of the Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve, which is known for its rare and exquisite genera of flora and fauna.

The untapped wildlife heaven, Sanjay National Park, and Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary fall in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. They together cover 831 km of area. Also, the forest is popular for its rich biodiversity and dense plantation of Sal and Bamboo trees which makes it one of the impeccable habitats for animals like tiger, deer, sambar, wild dogs, leopard, nilgai, chinkara, hyena, etc.

Formed in 1975 under wildlife protection act of 1972, the green estate features sharp cliffs, water bodies, valleys, hills, deep canyons. The Guru Ghasidas National Park, which is situated in Chhattisgarh, shares its jungle with Sanjay National Park. Furthermore, the park comprises of various rivers and ponds that assists the birds and animals with water.

Come experience the rich wildlife and biodiversity of the Sanjay Dubri National Park!

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