Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal

Van Vihar National Park - A hidden gem of Bhopal!


Every year, travellers tend to make a wish list of destinations that are offbeat and less explored! How about visiting Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal this time? It’s a treasure troveof exquisite wildlife situated just adjacent to the sparkling Upper Lake, away from all the commotion of everyday life.

Van Vihar National Park is no doubt an amazing mix of rich biota and swanky green settings. It’s time to take your wanderlust to all new levels with one of our unexplored hidden gems.

A park made from a depleted forest!

Bestowed with some great local markets, ancient palaces, glittering lakes, divine temples, majestic mosques and a national park, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh has it all! However, this piece of knowledge will primarilyspeak about one of the best national parks in India and Madhya Pradesh i.e. Van Vihar National Park.

Van Vihar National Park was formed from a depleted forest area. In order to bring back and protect the rich flora& fauna, this unproductive land was declared a National Park in 1981 under the wildlife protection act.

The rich wildlife at Van Vihar!

This open zoological park comprises some huge wire enclosures where the carnivores like tiger, lion, panther, bear, and hyena stay as per the modern theory of the zoo management. On the contrary, the herbivores for instance cheetal and blackbuck are allowed to move around freely. The relentless chirping of a wide range of birds fills the air with vivacity while crocodile and tortoises relax in the sun. Another division which needs a mention here is the reptile unit, where one can see snakes like the cobras, russel vipers and pythons crawling on mud. The Van ViharRashtriyaUdyan also houses a ginormous variety of butterflies and insects.

Its nearness to the lake, enhances beauty and calmness ofthe landscape. The lakeside of the park brightens up with the arrival of a troop of migratory birds during winters. The park also has a Rescue Centre which takes care of ill animals. Though open all year round, Van Vihar turns out to bethe best place for wildlife enthusiasts especially during monsoons, when the other national parks remainshut.

The best way to explore Van Vihar National Park

Besides the options of travelling the park via car or motorcycle, we would recommend you to explore the beauty of thisgreen setup on a bicycle or just walk around. After reaching the gate of Van Vihar National Park, you get the option of hiring a bike on rent else you can also carry your own if you wish to.

Timing and Ticket at Van Vihar National Park

The best time to visit the park is early in the morning. The park remains closed on Fridays and ticket costs around Rs. 15 – 20 for Indians, Rs. 150 – 200 for foreigners.

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