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Patal Pani - The playful waterfall


Patal Pani is famous for its waterfall, situated in Mhow. 
The water falls from a height of 150 feet into a kund (pool), the depth of which is still unknown and has been difficult to ascertain.

It is believed that the bottom of this unfathomable kund reaches Patal (netherworld), and hence it received the name Patal Pani.

It is a very popular picnic spot and is also an excellent point for trekking. The greenery around the waterfall and the sound of gushing waterfall makes it a completely astounding experience.

During summers, the water almost dries up, hence the best time to witness the majestic waterfall of Patal Pani is just after the monsoon season has set in.

Getting there:

By road: Regular bus service to Mhow, which is just 6kms away from the waterfall. Regular buses from Indore as well.

By rail: Nearest railway stations are Patal Pani and Indore Railway stations.