Experience village walks

One thing you must do when in Madhya Pradesh - Experience village walks


When you are traveling, some of the most rewarding experiences come when you talk to the locals and get a sneak peek into their lifestyle. One of the perfect means to do so is to head out to explore villages and experience something new. Be it all about trying hands-on pottery, or simply take a walk through the villages to know and understand the rural tourism, village walk experiences are unique.

Read on for inputs on must have village walk experiences when in Madhya Pradesh:  

1. Village Amla 
A day in Village Amla will take you closer to learning about agritourism. No matter if you are out on exploring the village just for a day or you plan a week-long trip here, this place will give you the true essence of village life. You can book a stay with Fort Amla, which is a beautiful agritourism retreat between Ujjain and Dhar. From here, the guided village walk tour will give you an opportunity to interact with the friendly locals who are more than welcome to invite you for a cup of tea. If you wish, you can also opt to milk cows which is an experience in itself. However, there is no fixed format as to how you wish to explore the rural environment here. The more you explore, the more you fall in love with the rural ambiance of this place. 

2. Pachdhar Potters Village, Pench 
Located about 15 km away from Turia gate of Pench National Park, there lies Pachdhar Potters village where families of potters reside and perform their everyday task of making traditional, beautiful pottery. As you take a walk through this village, you fall in love with the soothing smell of petrichor and your eyes catch attention on a cluster of potters who can be seen practicing the timeless art of clay works and earthenwares.    

3. Walk with the Pardhis, Panna
Get a chance to reconnect with the wilderness in one of the most unique ways. Plan a trip to Panna and connect with expert trackers- the Pardhi community who were once traditional hunters. Now with the changing times, their age-old knowledge of forest and skills of tracing animals and birds is brought forward for the tourists in a means that they share their valuable knowledge in some of the interesting means.  A forest experience unlike any other through the medium of Pardhis awaits you in Panna.  
4. Kohka Wilderness camp, Pench
Located amidst beautiful lush green and tranquil settings, Kohka Wilderness Camp in Pench Tiger Reserve offers authentic village life experiences. In case you are someone who loves to know how a day is shaped in the life of the rural residents then be with Kohka Wilderness Camp. You can visit a locals house where you will be welcomed by the hosts to join them in their regular activities, eat with them sitting down comfortably in a cross-legged position and understand more on village life. Apart from this, you can also take a short tour to the nearby farm at Kohka where you can understand about organic farming and the entire process of local produce. 

Now that you know where to head for a village walk experience, why not plan a trip soon

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