Madhai - An Exotic Delight


Located amidst sprawling forests, shimmering backwaters, rich wildlife, under a sky full of twinkling stars, where the air is crisp and clean, Madhai is a balm to your soul.

Monsoons in Madhai offer breathtaking views of the Satpura hills. As it is the entrance to the Satpura forest, you will be able to experience nature at its peak, complete with its wilderness, tranquility and mystery. Allow Madhai to mesmerize you with its natural beauty, the river Denwa and surreal sunsets that are a riot of colours. The peaceful silence here, speaks volumes to your soul.

Since it is monsoon, a lot of plantation activities are also going on here.

Getting there:

By rail: Regular trains to & from Itarsi, Bhopal and Sohagpur.

By road: Sohagpur is 17 kms away.