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Lacquer toys - Beautiful Wooden Reminiscences of Childhood


The time when we were just kids running around and simply engaged in the pure joy of playing with our toys seems like years ago. Times have changed, we have grown up to be adults but the inner child in each one of us reminds about the time when we were inseparable from our toys and each toy was very dear to us.  

Technology has taken over, children today remain either glued to TV screens or the expensive gadgets and they hardly even know the names of the outdoor games which were played in the absence of all the modernisation. 


However, if you wish to relive your childhood memories or even take back your children to those simple times then Budhni district in Madhya Pradesh is a lovely place that will let you enjoy the childlike joy within you. And how? Some skilled artists in this region still practice the art of making Lacquer toys. These are bright and colorful wooden toys that can be purchased from Budhni Ghat. 


Vinod Sharma, a skilled artist from Budhni who has been making Lacquer toys for over 47 years shared, “The only modification that has been done in the preparation of Lacquer toys is that today children come to us with their paintings and demand us to make the same piece. Earlier we used to prepare these toys with our imagination and paint them as per the colors we would choose. Today we customize the toys as per the demand.” 


Still available with these artists are kitchen sets including pressure cookers, utensils, etc. Few other masterpieces include frames, pen stand, wall hooks, tricycles, candle stand, flower vase to name a few. 


Each colorful piece puts a smile on the face of the visitors, especially if they are buying toys for their little ones. “These wooden toys are basically a purest gift from nature for the kids. We use Dudhi wood, which is quite soft and easy to carve. Since it is light in color, it helps in making the lacquer hues glow and natural colors are brought in use to paint each piece.” Added Sujan Sharma Kharad, another skilled artist from Budhni.      


After all these years of relentless competition, the small streets of Budhni Ghat still sustain this age old craft all because of the ingenuity of these wood lacquer craftsmen. 

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