Go heritage run

Go Heritage Run - Pachmarhi, Khajuraho & Pench


If you are a runner at heart and also planning to visit Madhya Pradesh in February and March then you are in for a treat to run not one, not two but three runs.

Go Heritage Run, an award-winning fun run series is back in Madhya Pradesh with a schedule of three fun runs which you can look forward to running in Pachmarhi, Khajuraho, and Pench. These runs will be conducted on Feb 16th, Feb 23rd, and March 29th respectively. 

Interestingly, Conde Nast Traveller India has also listed GHR Khajuraho and GHR Pench in their list of Marathons to run in 2020. Club your vacation with these fun runs alongside enjoying fitness and exploring some scenic locations in the Heart of India. Here’s a rundown of Go Heritage Runs that you can look forward to being a part of. Read on….. 


When: 16th Feb 2020

Where: Pachmarhi 

Distance: 5km, 10 and 21km 

Run it for: Experiencing the beauty of Pachmarhi 

Run through the enticing settings of Queen of Satpura and let your senses be refreshed by the glory of nature. Blessed with spectacular scenery, Pachmarhi also appeals for its peace and unobtrusive beauty at its prime attractions. The run will commence early morning at 6 am and after participating in the run you can plan your day in a means that you can explore scenic points of interest in this picturesque destination. From mysterious caves, ancient temples, breathtaking waterfalls and more, you will have umpteen options to explore on your trip to Pachmarhi. Pack your bags, enjoy the run and explore with your family and friends. 


For more info visit goheritage.com/pachmarhi 


When: 23rd Feb 2020 

Where: Khajuraho

Distance: 5km, 10km, 21km 

Run it for: Witnessing this quaint town’s rich heritage 

If you like running through magnificent backdrops that are giant and beautiful then look no further than Khajuraho. This heritage run will take you through the beautiful group of temples that Khajuraho is known for. No matter which distance run you opt for, you will get an opportunity to run through routes that will take you past Duladeo Temple, Chaturbhuj Temple and more. Altogether, you will be able to explore the Eastern, Western and Southern Group of Temples. Register now to participate in this fun run experience which will not just help you burn those extra calories but at the same time, you will get to explore Khajuraho in an interesting means. 


For more info visit goheritagerun.com/Khajuraho


When: 29th March 2020 

Where: Pench 

Distance: 5km, 10km, 21km 

Run it for: Enjoying a runcation in the wild 

Amidst the intrinsically thrilling surroundings at Pench, also experience a peaceful stillness while you enjoy the run. The run would be conducted in the buffer zone of Pench National Park. Being in the buffer area, you will encounter wildlife along the run routes and you will also enjoy some time out in the peaceful stillness of the wild. So, spend a joyous time in the Mowgli land with your family and friends alongside experiencing the thrill of running amidst the beautiful routes in Pench National Park. 

For more info visit goheritagerun.com/pench 

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Pachmarhi, a hill station in Madhya Pradesh is also known as Queen of Satpura. Besides its beautiful waterfalls and rich biodiversity, this place also catches the fancy of the tourists for its bungalows, buildings and especially Churches from the colonial period. Pachmarhi is quite a treasure trove in itself which was discovered by a British Officer James forsyth and with the British, also came new forms of architecture in Madhya Pradesh.