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Burhanpur - The city of historic tales!


Very few people know that Burhanpur is the town where Taj Mahal was believed to be built! It's no secret that many monuments were constructed by the great emperors across India and few of the marvels belong to Burhanpur, the city where Shah Jahan resided and governed.

The historic town of Burhanpur is the abode where Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved queen of the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan was rested in peace and primarily inhumed. She spent her last days at the Badshahi Qila in Burhanpur and passed away due to prenatal complications while delivering her fourteenth child, Princess Gauhara. In the premises, there is the Zenana Shahi Hamam (Ladies Royal spa) which depicts Mughal and Persian styles. Elaborated with stunning paintings on the ceiling, it was seemingly used by Begum Mumtaz to rinse in luxury. One of these painting motifs describes a monument which is supposed to have been the inspiration for the making of marvellous Taj Mahal. Considered an engineering marvel, Kundi Bhandara was the most reliable source through which water was supplied to the Mughal forts including Badshahi Qila!

The empress's body retained in the Ahukhana until the time it was shifted to the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra which was built in her remembrance. After her demise, Shah Jahan used to visit Ahukhana (deer garden) every Friday to pray for his wife’s soul!

On the outskirts of Burhanpur, there is an exceptionally beautiful monument, the tomb of Shah Nawaz Khan, perched on the banks of Utaoli River. Decorated with Fresco work, the crypt has delicate Jaali windows that allow light oozing into the burial chamber. Talking about the historic grandeur, Asirgarh Fort needs no introduction. Located around 25 km from the city, the fortress was built in the 15th century and considered to have the most significant routes from northern India to the Deccan.

Moving forward, another incredibly well-preserved monument is Jama Masjid which was constructed when the Bibi Ki Masjid was declared too small to house town’s growing population. Built by Adil Shah, the holy place is supposed to be the only mosque to have inscriptions in both Sanskrit and Arabic. On the other hand, Dargah-e-Hakimi, the popular holy pilgrimage for Dawoodi Bohra Muslims that houses the Holy Mazar of Syedi Abdul Qadir Hak Imuddin is an exceptional landmark of ancient times. All the monuments of Burhanpur not just depict the architectural beauty of the town but cultural variety to a great extent.

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