Ancient tales etched in unfinished monuments - Bhojpur, close to Bhopal, is nothing short of a trip back in time!


Situated on the river Betwa, Bhojpur is where history resides. The town got its name from the fabled King Bhoja of the Paramara Dynasty. It is believed that the two large cyclopean dams here were built on the orders of the king.

Today, this scenic town is renowned the world over for its caves and temples which date back thousands of years. Not only does this make Bhojpur immensely important for archaeological studies, but also gives it the deserved religious importance.

Where time paused, and so did creations

Bhojpur is home to numerous masterpieces of art, the construction of which was inexplicably abandoned halfway. What make these monuments absolutely amazing is that despite being incomplete, these are some of the finest examples of craftsmanship.

Where the rich history still breathes

Rewa is dotted with palaces, forts, temples and museums still standing strong, showcasing the prosperity of the past. Each monument is carved with legends and tales.

Bhojeshwar temple

Another incomplete masterpiece, this temple shelters one of the largest Shivlings, which is 18 feet tall and 7.5 feet in circumference. The fact that it is carved out of a single stone is testimony to its incomparable artistry. Merutunga, a historian of ancient times, mentioned in his book Prabhanda Chintamani that King Bhoja bestowed on poet Magha, “all the merit of the new Bhojasvāmin temple that he was about to build himself”. Today, the temple is under the protection of the ASI – Archaeological Survey of India.

Bhimbetka rock shelters

Dating back to the Paleolithic period, the famous rock shelters of Bhimbetka were discovered by Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar. Out of the 750 caves, 500 are adorned by paintings of animals, people and daily activities. The older paintings are bigger and have just an outline, while the newer ones are smaller, detailed and coloured. One of these, showing an enormous red bison attacking a man, is said to be visible only when the sunrays hit it from a certain direction. No surprises then that these close to 30,000 years-old paintings, today, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bhojpur is a gift from history to mankind. And it is worth indulging. Plan your journey anytime between October to February, and you will have an unforgettable trip back in time!