A culture steeped in a thousand arts

A culture...
steeped in a thousand arts

Gwalior Cuisine

Madhya Pradesh - A state of timeless cuisines

As you travel the length and breadth of Madhya Pradesh, you’ll encounter sights that you’ve never seen before, experiences that will transform into stories but most importantly, you’ll set out on a gastronomical journey. One that will leave you wanting more.

Tribal Paintings

Tribal Paintings

It’s a pleasant surprise that in a state that has around 20 cities shortlisted in the government’s ‘Smart City’ plan, there still is immense respect for ages old tribal art. More importantly, it is still preserved and practised.

Bell Metal Crafts

Durrie Weaving

Sironj became an important city in medieval times owing to flourishing trade between Delhi and Gujarat. A unique three-tier market system was designed to enable effortless buying for the travelers, whether they were on foot, on camel or a royal caravan.


Mandana Art

Painting is a medium of visual expression. It does not always need too many colours to stand out. Mandana is one such art form of Madhya Pradesh, which does not require tons of hues to make an impact!

Bundelkhand Cuisines - MPTourism

Bundelkhand Cuisines – The rich culinary feast!

The land of Bundelkhand carries a magisterial chronicle. Be it heritage, art & crafts, handloom, culture or cuisines, it stands out among all. Adding to the culinary treat, we are covering some authentic and lesser-known cuisines of the region.

Malwa Cuisines - MPTourism

Malwa Cuisines - A tinge of rich flavours!

Madhya Pradesh is known for its royal Sailana cuisines, appetising street food and lip-smacking desserts! Talking about regional delicacies, Malwa cuisine is one of the most popular among Bundelkhand, Mahakoshal, and Gwalior based gastronomies.

Bag Print and Design - MPTourism

Bagh Print - A timeless art!

The state of Madhya Pradesh boasts rich traditions and it is also considered the melting pot of individuals and beliefs which reflect in its crafts, handlooms and architectural styles. Speaking about the textile art, one such practice of printing is prevalent in the town of Bagh in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. It is the same village which houses the popular Bagh cave paintings. This age-old tradition of block printing, using natural ingredients is today taking the Indian handloom industry by storm with its modern variations and refined styles.

Making of Bagh Printing - MPTourism

The not-so-easy process of Bagh printing!

Previously, we talked about the history of block printing and its evolution as Bagh printing. Now is the time to know the process of printing and how it is executed! It’s not a simple art-form which just involves a group of people performing the designs and prints on fabric, but it entails tedious and lengthy procedures of washing, drying, dyeing, printing and bleaching.

Tourist places in Indore- MPTourism

Indore- A city that eats well and hosts well!

Scrumptious is the word delightful to every foodie soul. It’s an expression which brings in mind a great food and truly all the emotions associated with it! Well.. you will find the same emotions rushing to the fore when you step into Indore’s market to satisfy your hunger pangs. The street food of Indore, to be specific is extremely popular across and the food culture has a blend of Rajasthani, Gujarati and Maharashtrian influence.  Let us tempt you with a list of best Indore street food for your next visit to the city.

Maherswari saris - MPTourism

The weaving story of Maheshwari saris

On the banks of sacred Narmada river, lies the regal town of Maheshwar. Endowed with a historical fort where Holkar clan ruled, pilgrimage which is crowded all year round and lastly, the settlement of traditional weavers of Maheshwari fabric are some of the eclectic fusions which make Maheshwar more multi-dimensional and admired place to visit in Madhya Pradesh.