Weekend Gateway from Bhopal

Gateway from Bhopal - Tawa & Madai


Looking to plan a relaxing sojourn within the natural settings? Tawa and Madai is a perfect weekend and summer gateway from Bhopal. Tourists can easily discover the natural beauty of Satpura National Park & Tiger Reserve via boat & jeep safari accessible from Madhai gate.



The Tawa Dam & Reservoir is no less than a natural wonderland. It is a settled on the banks of Tawa River in the district of Hoshangabad. After an hour and a half journey from Bhopal,you will reach Tawa dam. If you want to freshen-up a bit before you go on a tour, Tawa Resort is an ideal option which offers breath-taking view of dam from most of its rooms. You can do speed boating at the dam and explore the beauty around. More enthralling is the lake cruise there which takes you to a tranquil hour-long sighting of Satpura and Churna. The place becomes exceptionally pleasant during the monsoons.



After spending a whole day at the incredible Tawa dam, head to Madai which is an hour-long journey from Tawa. You can either go there via road or board morning boat from Tawa itself. In the meantime, you can witness the sunrise and enjoy morning breakfast on the boat with your family. After reaching, check in at the beautiful river facing Bison resort and head for the park safari. Madai is beautifully located at the entrance of one of the richest forests in India - Satpura which makes it a blissful paradise to travel. Reach the safari spot from Madhai gate and drive into the core zone of Satpura National Park to discover the rich wildlife and spellbinding views of the enriching flora.


Satpura National Park

A relaxing drive amidst emerald greenery and the soothing environs is what Satpura National Park well known for. Bordered with Pachmarhi and Bori Sanctuaries, Satpura range is enriched with soaring hills and beautiful waterfalls. It’s the only national park of central India which provides the experience of both river and forest safari. Apart from morning safari, you can also head for a night safari in the buffer zone and experience nocturnal activities. The trip will surely take you to the calm habitat of a wide array of wildlife such as the leopard, sambar, chital, nilgai, flying squirrel, Indian giant squirreland rich flora which consists of sal, teak, tendu, mahua, bel, bamboo, and medicinal plants.Not to miss the star attraction of Satpura which is the Indian giant squirrel. However, it is very rare to find elsewhere in central India but one can easily spot the creature here.  

So, set out on a journey to the serene Tawa, Madai and Satpura to spend a perfect weekend with your loved ones.

Getting there

By Air:

Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal is well-connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights and is located about 129 from TawaDam. Taxis are easily available to reach any partof the city and nearby places from the airport.

By rail:

Itarsi Junction railway station is the closest railway station to Tawa & Madai and is properly connected to all major rail heads of the country.

By road:

From Bhopal, Tawa & Madai are well connected via roads. Tawa is 118 km and Madai is 128 km.

Hotels/resorts in Tawa

Tawa Resort (MPSTDC) adjoins the Tawa Reservoir which provides the rooms a spellbinding view of the dam and sprawling landscape around.

Hotels/resorts in Madai

Bison Resort (MPSTDC) in Madai is a waterfront property famous for its beautiful cottages. It is situated near the entrance of Satpura National Park.

Denwa Backwater Escape is another great accommodation in Madai. The property caters to the luxury segment and is located on the backwaters of Denwa River in Satpura National Park.

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A Charming Getaway

Situated in the lap of the luscious Satpura National Park, the Tawa Dam & Reservoir is the ideal monsoon getaway for you. The Tawa river is the longest tributary of the Narmada and provides a picturesque and pristine view for sore eyes.

Satpura National Park - MPTourism

Satpura National Park

A trip to Serene Land!

Who doesn’t wish to take a break from the routine and escape in the lap of nature? This is what you can experience at Satpura National Park which takes you on a peaceful journey amidst lush greenery and pleasant ambience. It is adjoined with Pachmarhi and Bori Sanctuaries providing a glimpse of unique central Indian ecosystem.




An Exotic Delight

Located amidst sprawling forests, shimmering backwaters, rich wildlife, under a sky full of twinkling stars, where the air is crisp and clean, Madhai is a balm to your soul.