best water sports activities in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh - Five best water sports destinations


If a summer trip to Madhya Pradesh is on your mind, then indulge in some of the best water sports activities to refresh yourself from within.

With a plethora of options ranging from speed boat, cruise, paddle boat to name a few, the waterfront destinations in the Heart of Incredible India will give you an adventure packed holiday. Read on to pick your favourite water sports destination: 


Hanuwantiya, Khandwa 

Hanuwantiya comes as one of the best destinations for water sports in Madhya Pradesh. This destination is full of surprises when it comes to trying out different adventurous activities like cruise, speed boat, motorboat, bumper boat etc. But this is not it. There is much more to this mesmerizing destination as it also offers land and air adventure activities. In case Hanuwantiya is on your travel wish list then get yourself to indulge in an array of adventure activities and spend a vacay away from all the worries of your routine life. 


 Hinglaj, Gandhi Sagar (Mandsaur)

In case, summer trip to Madhya Pradesh is on your mind, then consider visiting Hinglaj too. From an exhilarating ride on Jalpari- The cruise to enjoying endless hours of peace amidst beautiful surroundings & breathing in fresh air, you will have an experience to remember. Also this destination comes apt for the tired city souls as you can wake up hearing the sweet sound of bird's chirping, fresh air to breath in and a holiday that comes in sync with nature. 


Sailani island, around Indore

This beautiful secluded island is located away from the busy city life and is packed with natural beauty and water sports activities. Apart from spending some quality and peaceful time at Sailani island Resort one can try out recreational activities like speed boat, motorboat etc. The activities will fill your soul with zeal. Do plan a trip to this mesmerizing destination in Madhya Pradesh which provides a relaxing and an adventurous escape to the vacationers.  


 Boat Club, Bhopal

This hotspot in Bhopal provides ample water sports activities. From a thrilling paddle boat ride to enjoying an ultimate cruise experience and riding a speed- boat you will have a fun packed vacay in the city of lakes Bhopal. While admiring the scenic beauty of the beautiful lake you will have a truly thrilling experience by trying out the water sports activities here. Other than enjoying water sports activities here you can also munch on some mouth watering snacks or simply sit by the lake enjoying your share of popcorn! 


Bargi Dam, around Jabalpur

Take to the waves with water sports at Bargi dam located on the mighty river Narmada. Surrounded with breathtaking views this beautiful location offers you opportunities to try some adventure activities like cruise, motorboat, paddle boat etc. This picturesque destination also welcomes you to adore some amazing views and  enjoy picnic time with your loved ones. It is a great place to spend around half a day hanging out around. 


Now that you have these list of destinations to enjoy water sports activities in Madhya Pradesh, why not get going with your family and friends? 

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