Best fine dining restaurants in Bhopal

Treat yourself to a fine dining experience - In Bhopal


If you are in Bhopal and want the finest dining experience in the city that fulfills all your gastronomical fantasies, then worry not! You can take a gourmet break at these best restaurants. Get an authentic experience of having sumptuous cuisines and chance upon an opportunity to immerse in some of the special delicacies offered by these from time to time. 

Here we are presenting to you the best restaurants in Bhopal for fine dining as these will make sure that every meal served to you is a great one.

1909- The crown of Bhopal @ Minto Hall

Representing historic grandeur of the city, Minto Hall boasts a beautiful rooftop restaurant- 1909- The crown of Bhopal. The restaurant is visually appealing in a lot of ways. The ambiance of the resto is a Bhopali bliss and it offers delicious delicacies along with a special set of facilities unlike ever before in the city. These include telescope for stargazing, an exhibition of photographs that display historic extravagant and golden culture from the past. All in all, a visit to this restaurant is a royal feeling teamed with a positive and refined dining experience filled with romance and peace. 


Under the Mango Tree @ Jehanuma

‘Under the Mango Tree’ at Jehanuma Palace hotel is one of the best examples of luxury and fine dining in Bhopal. This beautiful restaurant derives its name from the magnificent tree in the central courtyard of the hotel. You can enjoy a fine dining experience in the spacious verandah with beautiful ambiance. Please your taste buds by trying out their royal Mughlai cuisines and an impeccable service that is best enjoyed in the green lawns of this hotel. 


Bay Leaf @ Courtyard Marriott

Looking for an intimate, elegant fine dining experience, then look no further than Bay Leaf. Experience 5-star luxury and savor contemporary flavors at their multi Cuisine fine dining Restaurant. You can also complement your meal with a glass of wine from their extensive collection of wine. 


Kebabsville @ Sayaji Hotel Bhopal

Tired of those regular snacks or the routine boring food around? Well! Here’s your complete mind-blowing fine dining experience at Kebabsville, Sayaji. Book yourself a date with exquisitely delicious food and mesmerizing ambiance right by a pool here. From sumptuous starters to buffet dinner, you can head out with your family or friends for a good time here. You can also order your favourite Kebab combination and then sit by the poolside to enjoy a romantic evening! 

So, now you can sign up for a  leisurely fine dining experience at these best restaurants in Bhopal. Your money will surely be worth the food and the time you spend here with your loved ones!

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