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Ujjain - Drench yourself in the spirituality and peace of mind!


Soaked in every bit of spirituality, Ujjain is one of the perfect escape from the oh so chaotic routine of life. The place is ideal for spirituality lovers in quest to attain the serenity of mind.

Far beyond being just a pilgrimage spot, Ujjain has been magnetising tourists via its worldly charm as well. It goes on to explore its continuing significance with a poignant description of the legacy of ‘Simhastha’ which is held on the banks of Shipra River once in every 12 years.    

This ancient city on the banks of Shipra River in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is an important Hindu pilgrimage destination. For all its importance in Indian mythology and history, Ujjain looks more of a relaxing city that has plenty to offer in terms of spiritual tours and holidays.

Explore the town that has rich past and numerous temples- both old and new. Visit the majestic Mahakaleshwar temple - one of the twelve jyotirlingas, Harsiddhi temple- a shaktipeeth, the numerous Ghats along Shipra, the astronomical observatory or ved shala and many more gems in the ancient city.


The city of temples

Mahakaleshwar temple

This temple at the heart of Ujjain, is one of the most sacred temples in India. It is also the best place to begin with exploring this ageless town. The market around the temple is also Ujjain’s commercial nerve center. Regarded as one of the twelve jyotirlingas, Mahakaleshwar is one of the most sacred Shiva temples in India. Not only is the Mahakal Linga the only Dakshinamurti (south facing deity) among 12 jyotirlinga but it is also revered as the only swayambhu or self-actualized linga. 

Bada Ganpati temple

It enshrines a gigantic idol of lord Ganesh. It is said to be made of various peculiar ingredients apart from brick and limestone like jaggery, water and soil.

Harsiddhi temple

This temple occupies a special place in the galaxy of temples in Ujjain. The temple has two unique pine-shaped iron lamp stands that loom to a height of 15 feet. The red temple, an ancient Hindu structure beyond the lamp stands symbolizing the potency of Durga, is peculiar to the Maratha art of architecture. Yet another special feature of Harsiddhi temple is the Sri Yantra, or nine triangles that represent nine names of Durga.

Kaal Bhairav Temple

The temple is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav, located on the banks of Shipra River in Ujjain city. The temple is the most active temples in the city and one of the most unique temple in India. Liquor is offered to the temple deity. The temple comes to life especially on the festival of Mahashivratri, when devotees congregate in vast numbers.

Chintaman Ganesh temple

This is one of the most visited temples in Ujjain. The Ganesh idol enshrined here is supposed to be Swayambhu (born of itself). Worshippers throng to this temple because the deity here is traditionally known as Chintaharan Ganesh meaning the assurer of freedom from worldly anxieties.

Nearby Places

Indore - Smart city with a royal past!

Indore, the state’s largest city, offers a spectacle of majestic palaces co-existing with commercial centres. Apart from being considered as the state's commercial capital, it is also known for mouth-watering culinary experience. 

Maheshwar - History woven in an exquisite fabric

Situated on the banks of river Narmada, Maheshwar appeals to both, the pilgrim as well as the tourist in you. The town possesses a treasure trove of beautiful temples that calm the soul, alongside man-made creations that please the eyes.

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Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

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Omkareshwar is the only jyotirlinga located by the banks of the holy Narmada. The course of the holy river at this place resembles the word ‘om’ in Sanskrit, lending the name to the island mentioned in the ancient scriptures of India. The city has 68 teerth (places of spiritual importance) and a group of 108 shivlingas making it an utterly important Shaiva site. River Kaveri confluences with Narmada here.

Charismatic Chanderi

Charismatic Chanderi

A town of historic grandeur and art!

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Chhatarpur - MPTourism


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The Chhatarpur holds an unparalleled status of conserving the religious charm, and Indian ethnicity. Henceforth, the mesmerising monuments, treasurable landscapes, and wildlife of the town will leave you spellbound with its beauty!