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Top spots where you can relish summer delights - in MP


It’s that time of the year again when the temperature begins to soar high and summer delights like refreshing drinks, ice-creams, and faloodas become saviour of life.This is the right time to indulge in thirst-quenching treats with some popular faloodas and lassis from the streets of Madhya Pradesh. Here’s sharing some of the famous spots.

Haji ka falooda & lassi – Bhopal

One of the oldest shops in Bhopal to indulge in yummy Falooda is the Haji Hotel at Itwara in the old city which is always swamped by a huge number foodies including the families. It is the go-to place for all the falooda lovers. Falooda here is served in a huge glass filled with dry-fruit, rabdi, crushed ice, rose syrup etc. which are filling enough to satisfy your cravings. The shop also serves another of their popular drink which is Lassi. Both the drinksare delightful and sure to amaze with its taste. So, when in Bhopal (during summer) head to Haji Hotel to relish their famous delicacies to the fullest!


Nema kulfi & falooda – Indore

Travelling to Indore and thinking where will you get the best kulfi and falooda? Nema is one of the popular shops where you should go to try delectable kulfi and falooda. From sitafal, mango to anjeer, it serves a huge variety of kulfis. They are made from thick malwa milk and filled with the goodness of dry fruits and rich natural flavours. The shop even offers a sugar-free variant of kulfi which you can always ask for. Apart from kulfis, you can try their famous faloodas. They have branches all over Indore where you can enjoy their rich summer delights.


Hira sweets ka falooda & Ichchadhari ki lassi – Jabalpur

Jabalpur is another city in Madhya Pradesh that is fairly known for its mouth-watering food. The locals here truly cherish thirst quenchers to beat the heat. Hira sweet in the city has some really cool variety of faloodas and if you are a lassi lover then do give Ichchadhari ki Lassi a try at the civic centre. Both the places are quite popular in Jabalpur for their summer delights and we are pretty sure that you won’t be able to stop at just one!

Come, beat the scorching heat at these amazing spots that offer the best falooda, kulfi, and lassi in Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur.

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