Jewellery pieces to buy in Madhya Pradesh!

Shopping Guide - 3 Jewellery Pieces to Buy on your Trip to Madhya Pradesh!


The heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is known as one because of reasons more than one. One of them being its glorious history of art and culture. The age-old craftsmanship that resides deep within the state, still manages to charm travellers of all kinds, coming from around the world. Yes, if your heart beats for traditional intricate jewellery and you value local art forms and the rawness of village creativity, then Madhya Pradesh has got you covered & how! 


Bead Jewellery

The tribal communities like Bhil and Bhilal, practice bead work and skilfully express their thoughts in different bead necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Every piece is unique in itself. The jewellery highlights traditional occupations, emphasizing rich art and aesthetics from rural Madhya Pradesh. When in Madhya Pradesh, you can buy these colourful beaded interpretations made with glass and plastic beads at tribal haats, organized during the weekends/festivals or visit the villages directly to buy beaded jewellery from the tribes. The best part about MP’s bead jewellery is that it is traditional yet very contemporary to adorn. You can team these pieces with Indian as well as western attires, which is why this jewellery attracts not only tourists but also several fashion designers from India and abroad. 


Silver Jewellery

In Madhya Pradesh, the urban women use gold for their jewellery and rural women use silver in large quantities. Brass or zinc or tin ornaments are common in several tribal areas. Sarafa is the melting pot of big and small jewellers in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, it supplied jewellery to the whole of the state and today, it is a big centre for Rajkot silver ornaments. Local Sarafa traders mostly get ornaments from the wholesalers of Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Jaipur.  You can also visit Fab India to buy exquisite silver jewellery. 


Thewa Jewellery

Thewa is essentially an enameling technique, wherein extremely fine work is performed on gold leaf on red and green glass. Thewa jewellery is done in Rampur, Ratlam and Indore and is performed on pendants, brooches, earrings, rings etc. The glass used for Thewa is specially treated to achieve a glittering effect. These days Thewa jewellery pieces are often enhanced further with pearls, gold and even diamonds. However, the traditional Thewa jewellery still continues to stand its ground. The uniqueness of Thewa lies in the intricate work that makes it difficult to differentiate gold from glass. 

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