Parsili - Discover a lost world


Far away in the north eastern part of Madhya Pradesh, there lies a small hamlet. A place so out of the way and so out of the place in this modern, fast paced world that you are bound to be shocked. And here amidst nothing, you just might meet yourself.

The dense forest is covered with eucalyptus trees, the cheerfully flowing Banas River and hundreds of birds. The sandy bank of the river with its soft, moist and cool touch is a pleasure to walk barefoot.

While enjoying the tranquil environs of Parsili, you can also visit the vast park embeded with tropical forest of Sal and bamboo trees. It is home to a large variety of animals and exotic birds. The verdant forest region is a must visit during the monsoon when the fragrance of the wet soil, the cloud laden sky and the playful rains takes you to a different world.

Getting there:

By rail: Rewa is the nearest railways station.

By road: Regular buses run to Parsili.