Mandu Sound and Light show

Mandu Sound and Light show - An audiovisual extravaganza


For nearly half an hour in the evening in Mandu, it is possible to step back in time and get back into history. And how? Set against the magnificent backdrop of Hindola Mahal (Jahaz Mahal premises), a spectacular sound and light show unfold which was inaugurated on Feb 10, 2019.

With dramatic rendition in the voice of renowned actor Ashutosh Rana, you get to know the history of this beautiful town Mandu in a visual representation.

The show also goes in to narrate the beautiful love story of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur, a story that is one of those romantic sagas of history that is filled with emotion and beauty yet it ends with tragedy and separation. The narration takes you through the exciting tales of the city of joy and Hindola Mahal comes alive every evening. The entire concept and the light effects are worth an experience for all those visiting this mesmerizing destination.


The Bilingual Show 

The Sound and Light show is being narrated in Hindi and English. However the english version is yet to start. You can opt the language and time as per your convenience. The show timings to watch the Sound and Light show in Hindi are from 7:00- 7:35 pm and the show timings to watch the same in English are from 7:50- 8:25 pm.

So, if visiting Mandu is in your travel list then keep your evening reserved and make a move to watch the amazing sound and light show that will take you back to Mandu’s history.


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