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Mandsaur - A town of rich terrains!


Once a part of Gwalior state before independence, the township of Mandsaur has one of the richest archaeological landscapes for tourists to discover. Town’s rich black soil is the reason behind the blooming of golden wheat and poppy flowers. Apart from its lush land, the place is also famed for being the largest producer of opium and natural slate pencils across the country.

The culture & linguistic

Mandsaur which comes under the Malwa region embraces the popular temple of Lord Pashupatinath lying on the bank of Shivna River. Moreover, the city is culturally and linguistically very diverse, the locals here speak Malwi which is a mix of Rajasthani and Hindi languages.


Bits and pieces of history

There have been many great emperors who ruled the town in the ancient as well as the recent history such as the Mauryas, Guptas, Sakas, Shungas, Satavahanas, Mughals, Marathas and lastly the British. To explore and experience some of the earliest historical shreds of evidence, one can travel to Sondhni Pillars which were made to commemorate the triumph of Malwa ruler and Yahsodharman Archaeological Museum which accommodates large sculptures from the Gupta Dynasty. The Natanagar Shodh Sansthan is another treasure that consists of a huge library comprising over 35,000 books, 6,500 manuscripts and 17 lakh letters inscribed in English, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Marathi, and Persian.


Gandhi Sagar Dam

Gandhi Sagar Damin Mandsaur is the second-largest in India in terms of its reservoir area. It is built on Chambal River and attracts a swarm of migratory and non-migratory birds throughout the year.  Besides the history of the town, it is considered the main attraction of the town!


Around Mandsaur

Situated around 100 km from Mandsaur into the same hill, the beautiful rock-cut temple of Dharamrajeshwar (dedicated to Lord Shiva) and magnificent Buddhist caves are counted as one of the amazing ancient wonders to travel around the town.

The amusing and blissful history of Mandsaur recounts the chronicles that will fill you up with joy and pleasure.


Getting there:

By Air: The nearest airport from Mandsaur is Dabok Airport, Udaipur.

By Train: You can easily board trains to Mandsaur from major cities like Bhopal, Indore, and other cities of India.

By Road: Mandsaur is well connected to the major routes of the country.


Where to stay

Hinglanj Resort is the best option to plan a stay in Mandsaur. The calm property is situated near the Gandhi Sagar dam that gives a striking view of the Chambal River. The steamy air, hushed water, and tranquillity in the environment attracts a lot of travellers all year round.

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